The yellow concealer you NEED in your life

NYX is now widely available across Ireland and their product range is outstanding. It is easy to see why the range so well loved by makeup artists and celebs. The products are fantastic quality but are very cheap and rival higher end products in terms of what they can achieve. 

I remember years ago seeing a picture of Kim Kardashian with yellow concealer all over her face. I didn't know why she had it there but I knew it must be for a good reason as she always looks flawless. 
On research, I found out yellow concealer is brightening. This was music to my tired under eyes. NYX HD Concealer in yellow is not a typical concealer in that, I apply it on top of a concealer to hide my circles. I almost leave the yellow concealer to the last step. I apply it in a V shape under my eyes and a little bit down my nose. I then pat this in with  my ring finger. I have found that it dramatically brightens my under eye area and makes me look much more awake. I have found that it does not crease or need powdered but if you usually powder your face, I imagine it would work just as well.

This is a great dupe of for MAC Prep & Prime Lightboost which is sold as a highlighter pen. The MAC offering is £18.50 and the NYX version is just £6. A bargain and it works a treat!