My Seriously Juicy 3 Day Cleanse Experience

I hate fad diets. I think they can be really harmful to your health, both mental and physical. However, I've been so taken with the juicing phenomenon and its health benefits that I wanted to see what the hype was for myself. I was sent the 3 Day Beginner Cleanse from Northern Irish company Seriously Juicy. The juices all arrived by courier , well packaged and cooled with ice packs. There were 5 juices for each day. Additionally, the kit also included green tea bags, epsom salts, a natural loofah for dry brushing and 3 Squeeze Wheatgrass shots. Below I have detailed my journey with the juices. I will preface this by saying I did find it hard. I'm a big girl who likes her food and I also had the beginning of a cold. I also have a pre-exsisting medical condition so it is important to check with your own GP before you undertake the cleanse if that is the case.

A bit of background about me
I have always what I would describer as "weight issues". I can gain and lose weight very quickly under stress. Also, through times of severe stress I tend to have a very varied eating pattern that usually doesn't revolve around three square meals a day! I am really aware that I don't often eat enough which contributes to my tiredness. Before under-taking the juice cleanse I had been feeling under the weather for about two weeks (no energy, no appetite) after a medical procedure on my back. I was keen to see if the juice cleanse would give me back some energy. 

Day 1
The first day of the cleanse was very hard. In the morning, I tried to drink my Squeeze Wheatgrass Shot on an empty stomach (as suggested) but I did not find this easy! They certainly are an acquired taste (for the remaining days I put the shot into my lunchtime Beginner Green juice as this masked the taste). The morning juice was a Mango Tango. This was quite sweet but very heavy on the pepper taste. For days 2 and 3, I added in some coconut water from Vita Coco to mask that taste. Mid morning was a Ginger Zinger and I really enjoyed this juice, especially as I was starting to get a cold. The vast amounts of ginger definitely helped! Lunch, as previously mentioned was a Beginners Green. I love green juices and this one was really nice and easy to drink. Afternoon was Light Mint. This was fine and obviously tasted quite cleansing. Dinner was Pear 2 Beet and like breakfast, I found this a hard one. Again, for the next two days I put some Vita Coco in it to make it a little easier to drink. I was very tired on the Friday evening and slept very well!

Day 2
By Day 2, I had a good bit more energy. I drank all of my juices but I was very hungry on the Saturday afternoon. I drank a lot of water on Day 2 and I think this helped with the tiredness. This also meant I peed a lot- 13 times to be exact!!

Day 3
The third day felt much like the first. I was really starting to think about food a lot and had a rumbling tummy. Also by the third day, I felt like I had consumed so much liquid that I found it increasingly hard to drink all the juices, water and green tea. I didn't finish all of my juices- I left half of my breakfast juice and half of my dinner juice. I was very glad to see bed-time and wake up to a big bowl of porridge!

I ended up losing 5lbs over the three day cleanse which I feel is probably about average for me and what I could loose through healthy eating and exercise over a week. More notably, I felt less bloated and my tummy felt smaller. It's easy to see why juicing is often used prior to a big event. I did feel like my skin looked lovely and a bit more energy.

I feel however, the biggest thing that Seriously Juicy did for me was to reassess my own eating habits and allow me to actually identify my own hunger in a sensible way. I feel like I was stuck in a rut with my bad eating habits and missing meals. I have spent the week after my juicing trying to eat three meals a day and be sensible about my food choices. I would recommend Seriously Juicy for anyone who is in a similar situation- it's really helped me to improve my own diet.

Many thanks to Seriously Juicy for the 3 Day Cleanse. For more Seriously Juicy visit Facebook, Twitter or their website