My life with long hair

We all know I love to change my hair. I've had my long hair for two months and a little (behind the scenes) change has happened! I really enjoyed having La Bella Vita extensions in my hair and I thought I'd do a post about my experience with them. (FYI: I had 250 micro link extensions installed. To read about my installation experience, click here). 

They're surprisingly light
Each bond weighs 1g and they are double drawn meaning they are the same volume root to tip making them very thick. I was concerned about the 250g of hair added to my head but they weren't heavy at all! The only time I felt they were weighty was after washing them as they hold more water due to being very thick. 

They don't hurt when you sleep
I have heard so many people complain that they find it unbearable to sleep or lie down when they have extensions in but from day 1, I had no problems! As long as you put your hair in a low plait or ponytail before bed, your extensions won't give you any bother as you toss and turn. 

You will spend lots of time brushing and drying your hair
This is a fairly obvious point but if you are a wash & go sort of girl, extensions aren't for you. My 20 minute blow-dry of my natural hair turned into almost 50 mins of an upper body work out. You also have to make sure you brush your extensions out throughly. I loved my Tangle Teezer for this. To read about the products I used on my extensions, click here

Maintenace isn't as often as you'd imagine
You need to go back every 6-8 weeks to have your micro links moved back up to the top of your head. I have quite fast growing hair and felt around the 6 week mark was when mine needed a bit of TLC. You will know yourself as you can felt how far down your hair has grown!

You use more shampoo but wash your hair less often
I only washed my hair once every 4/5 days with my extensions in (as opposed to every 2/3 of my natural hair). This was great as it was a time saving measure on a daily basis but when it did need washed, "I can't come out, I'm washing my hair" was an actual valid excuse. I found I needed twice as much shampoo as usual for all of my hair to feel clean but this balances out as I washed it less. 

And lastly... you will feel like Cher, Kim Kardashian and all the long hair beauties rolled into one.
I've never had long hair in my life and I always wondered what extensions would feel like. It was a fairly magical experience and it's made me value my own hair so much more. I had great fun with them and as you can see from the picture above, I had them ultra long then a bit shorter. It really gave me something to strive towards in terms of growing my own hair. If you are someone that has always wanted long hair, try them! It will motivate you to grow your own hair and try out different looks.

Many thanks to Katie at La Bella Vita for looking after me so well.

For more information about La Bella Vita extensions, visit their Facebook, website or ring them on 028 90 480530.