18 January 2015

The big blow-dry challenge: Bellaire

I've always loved having my hair blow-dried. I have naturally very curly hair and I remember at aged 8, my mum let me get it blow-dried out. I felt like such a grown up!

Now as an adult, I'm even more obsessed with blowdrying after a trip to America last year. I had a hairdresser in New York blow-dry my hair and WOW it is was big. The thing that stuck me the most was the technique she used- it was all about rolling her brush rather than the tension method that is more commonly used here in Northern Ireland. So I've gone on a little mission to find the best blow-dry in the land. I do have extensions at the moment meaning fewer hairdressers are game for the challenge but  I will only keep them for half of the year, allowing my natural hair to be blowdried over the summer and winter months. If you want to get involved, email me on

First to step up to blow-dry my mane was Jourdan from Bellaire. Bellaire is facing the Belfast Telegraph Offices and is hugely popular with ladies who love to be glam as they offer a wide array of both hair and beauty services. 

The salon
Bellaire is bright and airy. It's modern but still very welcoming. The black, white and red theme is consistent throughout the salon. The chairs you sit in are very comfortable and have huge mirrors. They also have a drinks menu available so you can chill whilst you have your treatment. I noticed they also had a board of looks they had created for clients. I thought this was a lovely touch and it's great for real life women to take inspiration from others.

The products
When looking after hair extensions, you need to be careful with the products you use. Shampoo needs to be sulphate free and condition can only be used through the ends. Jourdan washed my hair using the Wella Brilliance range (which smelled lovely!). Extensions become very heavy when wet so after squeezing out some of the water and brushing my hair with a Tangle Teezer (they sell these in the salon and they are great for curly hair or extensions), Jourdan sprayed some Lisap Absolute Keratin and Argan Oil into the the roots and lengths of my hair. This wasn't a product I was familiar with but apparently it's popular as it smooths the hair for a blow-dry. She then applied some Morrocan Oil in the ends. Oils are key to keeping extensions looking healthy and keeping them in tip-top condition. 

The blow-dry
Jourdan first rough dried my hair until it was about 90% dry. She then sectioned it off and blow-dried each section with a round brush. She blow-dried it with a curl in the end, then went over this section and GHD curled it. She set each section in a velcro roller to cool. Jourdan lastly brushed through the curls to separate them and backcombed the roots a little for a bit of 60s glam. Jourdan was such a lovely girl and I enjoyed chatting to her as much as I enjoyed her doing my hair. I think this is as important as the actual hairstyle as a lovely person will make you want to return to the salon as you know they make you feel fab about yourself!

My blow-dry lasted for 3, almost four days. I did not dry shampoo it or touch it with styling tools in that time so I was hugely impressed by the results. If you love big sexy hair for a night out, I highly recommend Jourdan at Bellaire. Her technique was very effective and is one I will attempt to recreate at home. 

Many thanks to Jourdan and the Bellaire Team for a lovely experience at the salon.