28 January 2015

The best products to maintain your hair extensions

I've been living this long hair life for about three weeks now. So far, I love it. I feel like a new woman. But my new hair requires some looking after. You have to use sodium free shampoo to keep the extensions in tip top condition.

I have been using products from the L'Oreal Professional range to care for my hair. These are sold in La Bella Vita where I had my extensions done and they kindly gifted me shampoo, conditioner and oil to keep my hair looking great. There are lots of high street brands that also make sodium free shampoo and I will try some of these too as an alternative option. Though, it seems to make sense to use a really good shampoo after spending lots of money on making your hair look long and gorgeous.

For shampoo, I've been using L'Oreal Professional Liss Unlimited. This cleanses and purifies the hair whilst nourishing it with lots of oils. The shampoo is purple is foams up nicely. Conditioner can only be used in the mid-lengths and ends as conditioner near the root can cause the extensions to come loose. I've been using the L'Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Conditioner which is intended for damaged hair but works great on extensions that need lots of love. I would recommend this for those of you who have colour treated hair, with or without extensions. It really makes my hair shiny and I notice a difference if I don't use it.

If you hadn't already sensed, oils are key to maintaining extensions. Post washing, I put some L'Oreal Mythic Oil through the mid-lengths and ends. I've always been a huge fan of Mythic Oil and it's great as an overnight treatment too. To brush my hair, I start at the bottom of my hair and brush upwards in small sections using my Tangle Teezer. Every girl needs one of these- they are the best every beauty inventions if you have hair that gets very knotted when it is wet. Thus far, I have coped with my new hair additions- they are definitely much easier to wash and maintain than I thought they would be!

Let me know if you have any great products to use on extensions below or by tweeting me @GemmaLEBond.