20 January 2015

The best paint & go nail polish

So I've been keeping a secret over the last few months. The secret comes in the form of the Collection Lasting Gel Colour nail polishes. Since buying these in the depths of winter, I have used them consistently every week. I bought the Antique Rose colour (left) as I wanted something to match many of the browny-nude lipsticks I had been wearing. It's the perfect everyday nail colour. The formula is truly amazing. No base coat or top coat are required (I actually found they made the nail polish not 'set' particularly well) and I find I can get away for 5 days with no major chipping occurring. I bought Daredevil (right) soon after my first purchase and it's also a fab colour. It's like the grown up sister of Antique Rose and perfect for nights out. The brush makes application simple with two strokes being enough to cover the nail. 

If you are like me and trying to go gel nails/gel polish free in 2015, Collection Lasting Gel Colour polishes are a must to keep your nails looking glam whilst not damaging them. And the best bit? They retail for a bargain £3.19!