17 January 2015

Marks and Spencer Spring Preview 2015

I was so delighted to be invited over to London for the press preview of M&S's Spring 2015 selections. Held in an studio space, the room was divided into the different upcoming holidays using stalls like a fete or a fair. I absolutely adore M&S so as an avid fan, it was amazing to see what is coming up over the next few months. Many of the people who work to delvelop the products were also there so it was amazing to chat with them about why they were doing things differently thing year or why they picked certain products to join their line. I have divided this post into different sections in order to make it a bit more readable. I hope you enjoy it and look out for your favourite products over the coming months!


M&S is the place I always head to buy flowers as a gift. I find that they are very reasonably priced and last for ages! The courtyard of the studio was completely covered in flowers varying in price from £10 to over £100. All were absolutely stunning but I really took to the yellow and orange tones as I think they can really brighten up a home.  

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day at M&S isn't simply about couples. They had lots of really sweet things that would make a gift for someone you love whether that be your partner, mum or your little boy or girl. I loved the Valentine's PJ's which had Love Hearts style statements on the bottoms and Nuts About You (peanuts covered in caramel and chocolate- DIVINE!). There was a wide array of beautiful cards and wrapping paper for the holiday. Also in this section I also spied some new makeup- DD cream, new blushes and an Emma Hardie fact kit. M&S stock many fabulous brands and Emma Hardie is soon to join their portfolio, making the luxury brand that is sold in Space NK, more readily available. 


This was the portion of the press show that really shocked me- who knew that M&S offered such great things in the way of weddings? From wedding cakes (the one pictured costs £199) to cute wedding gifts and bridesmaid dresses, M&S had well and truly upped their wedding game! The red bridesmaid dress featured ties in a variety of ways making it perfect for your friends of all shapes and sizes. To be honest, I think it's so beautiful that I would happily wear it on a night out and you'd never get bored as you can change up how it looks. 

Mother's Day

The Mother's Day offerings were so cute. From cushions to cups, there were lovely things that any mum would appreciate. I spotted some stunning rose gold photo frames that I took a shine too. They looked much more expensive than their price tag. 

Things I am lusting over...

There were a few things I spotted that I really want after spying them at the press show. Firstly, the white lace top from Autograph felt like a high end designer garment and I think I would wear it time after time. I can imagine it with a high waisted leather skirt and nude heels for a night out. I also was intrigued by the Autograph Eye and Brow Collection (since I am the Queen of Brows!). Autograph makeup has never disappointed me so I look forward to trying this out. Lastly, the super soft Limited Collection brushes are top of my "want" list. I shared this picture on my Facebook and everyone seemed rather taken with them too. They are very soft and good quality- the smallest of the three looks perfect for concealer. 


I seemed to spend most of my evening at the Easter section. I don't know about you but in my house, Easter is a big holiday. We always have a family dinner and giving eggs is a big tradition whether you are young or old. New for this year are the Hot Cross Bun Loaf and Hot Cross Bun muffins, turning the usually sweet treat into something more savoury. The array of cakes and eggs was overwhelming with the brand new Coco Panda and Nancy Hen being my favourite for an array of ages. Another huge exciting release for 2015 is Percy's Happy Family- yes Percy and Penny had babies! They are super tasty and will launch later in the year. 

Needless to say, after the press show I was stuffed with chocolate and Easter treats!

Many thanks to Nadine and Louise for making my trip so enjoyable!