To celebrate House of Fraser's skin promotion that is running until the 1st February, I am trying some of their best loved skin products that you can receive as samples during the promotion (Terms and Conditions apply). If you spend £75 on skincare up until the 1st Feb, you will receive 1000 bonus points on your House of Fraser card- perfect time to revamp the routine for the new year.

The first product I was sent to review is the Clarins Double Serum. I remember there being a big hype around this product during its release. It seems targeted as an anti-aging product but at 23 years old, I was concerned it would be too heavy for my skin. I have quite normal but dehydrated skin. Generally my skin loves serums and oils and drinks them up. Clarins Double Serum has two parts to it- an oil based part and a water based part. When pumped, they combine. With over 20 plant extracts to boost the skin to make it look firmer, smoother, glowing and reduce pores, Clarins Double Serum makes some bold claims matched with the £55 price tag. I was expecting big things from the get-go with this product and I wasn't disappointed.

The instructions recommend two pumps in the morning and at night before moisturiser. I first tried this at night time and woke up thinking that I looked a little bit more refreshed and glowing than usual. I've used it for about a week now and I've noticed a huge improvement generally in my skin texture and how my skin looks with makeup on top of it. 

If you are oily, I would recommend you only use this at night-time as using it in the morning could be too much (especially if you are very oily around the t-zone). Twice a day is fine for my normal/dehydrated skin which seems to really enjoy the ingredients of this serum. Although £55  seems like quite a lot for a serum, the 50ml will last me for a significant amount of time. I think I will start to use this just at night as it leaves my morning face looking much more appealing than usual!