2015 vibes

New Year's Resolutions seem to mean less when you get a bit older. For 2015, I'm all about changing my habits rather than denying myself something. I am a very focussed person and when I put my mind to it, I can achieve big things. Often all I need is a few simple goals slotted into my daily routine to make a difference.

My biggest habit that I need to sort out is my sleep pattern. I am an extreme insomniac. I can go crazy amounts of time with little sleep but usually, this ends up in me getting very ill. Also, it's not very good for my mood! I've already made headway with this goal as I have tried to sort out my sleeping pattern post Christmas where I was staying up chatting to all hours....! I also have a back problem at the minute that is effecting my sleep but I am due a medical procedure soon that should hopefully help sort this out. 

My next habit I want to get into is reading for pleasure. I am currently in my fifth year of university. I am a very studious person and academic reading does not phase me. However, it does leave less time for reading for pleasure. I love autobiographies as I'm obsessed with real life stories that can inspire you. I'm currently half-way through #GIRLBOSS and I'm really enjoying it. My goal is to try and read at least one non-academic book a month. My mum bought me an iPad Mini for Christmas that will also make reading much easier on the go. I have no excuses any more! 

Lastly, I want to spend more time off-line than I do online. At the end of last year, I decided to turn my notifications off Twitter so my phone was not pinging every two minutes. I have found that I check my phone much less and I really enjoy the company I am in if I am out for a coffee or dinner. I am to gradually turn the rest of my notifications off. This isn't easy given I run a blog but I do work almost "office hours" where I am on my laptop during the day. I hope that this will help with my sleep pattern and also give me more time to read!

Let me know what your 2015 goals are below!