#HiddenGems: The Underwear

Yes, you now all can see what size I wear in a bra. So what!? I've been thinking for a long time about the often un-glamourous things that we use but in so many instances, really need. That's why this week I've been taking about my #HiddenGems.

I thought I would leave the underwear until the end- the best for last!? Namely, support underwear. I'm a big girl. I'm 5ft10 and a size 14. I also seem to carry all of my weight around my stomach which is a bloody nightmare. So, if I'm wearing something like a clingy dress, I go in search of a pair of big knickers. We all have them. Spanx, granny pants etc. They're unattractive but boy do they make us feel just that little bit thinner. I had a reader email me recently asking for advice on the very issue. I have a preference for Pretty Polly knickers which are seam-free. They look great under almost everything. I pick mine up in TK Maxx for around £7 for 3 pairs. 

However, sometimes you need to bring out the really industrial scaffolding. At the recent CIPR Awards, I wore a beautiful but very fitted lace dress from M&S. To go under this, I got a Shaping Slip. Essentially a bra with a dress made of supportive fabric attached, the garment smooths out any lumps and bumps. I must admit, although I did look and feel thinner, it was a little uncomfortable! I know this is true of so many support underwear items but you just have to suck it up and go on.

Any underwear secrets? Share them below!