01 October 2014

Alpha H Liquid Gold- what's the hype?

I've never been the type of person to follow the crowd. As a pre-teen, I refused to read Harry Potter because everyone else was so I became an avid fan of A Series on Unfortunate Events instead. So much like my pre-teen years, I resisted Alpha H Liquid Gold until it was literally forced upon me by my blogging BFF Avril from School Gate Style.

The liquid feels like a toner and is applied by soaking a cotton pad and swiping it all over your face, post cleansing. Alpha H contains huge amounts of glycolic acid which acts as a chemical exfoliant. It can feel a little tingly when first applied but generally, after a few uses, I didn't feel it on my skin. It claims to do ample things for ageing skin but my interest was on its effect with acne scars and the general texture of skin. I have been using this for the past 8 weeks, 2 to 3 times a week. I cleanse then apply this and just go to bed. I feel like it works better that way. I have seen a huge reduction in scars which have been there for years. The overall texture of my skin is much better. I would have been prone to the odd white head around my nose or on my chin and these have rapidly disappeared. I have also noted that I don't seem to break out as much, especially around the pesky hormonal points of the month. 

Overall, I'm sold on Alpha H Liquid Gold. A little goes a long way so I could see me getting about 4 months out of a bottle. It definitely is a little luxury but if you are someone with problem skin, it is well worth the investment.