24 October 2014

My Favourite Places in Belfast: Garfield Street

Photos by Photography by Astrid
When I was asked about places I loved in Belfast, I knew I had to go to Garfield Street. Reportedly named after 20th President of the United States Andrew Garfield (history geek, I know), the street is home to Victorian Bar Aether & Echo. However, it's the amazing murals across the street from the bar that make me smile. I have no idea who did them or what they mean but the colours alone make it an amazing to visit. Murals are a big part of culture in Northern Ireland and to have something that is non-political, fun and cheerful on a wall is a change. 

The old Garfield Bar is now empty but I hope it years to come that this street is regenerated. I could see the bar being an amazing space for a small theatre or independent cinema. In the meantime, I'll always take a detour up this street just to see the murals. On another note, this post is really making me miss my longer hair!

This is the last in my series of "My Favourite Places in Belfast". A huge thank you to the beautiful Astrid from Photography by Astrid. We had such a fun afternoon taking pictures and she made me feel so at ease!
01 October 2014

Alpha H Liquid Gold- what's the hype?

I've never been the type of person to follow the crowd. As a pre-teen, I refused to read Harry Potter because everyone else was so I became an avid fan of A Series on Unfortunate Events instead. So much like my pre-teen years, I resisted Alpha H Liquid Gold until it was literally forced upon me by my blogging BFF Avril from School Gate Style.

The liquid feels like a toner and is applied by soaking a cotton pad and swiping it all over your face, post cleansing. Alpha H contains huge amounts of glycolic acid which acts as a chemical exfoliant. It can feel a little tingly when first applied but generally, after a few uses, I didn't feel it on my skin. It claims to do ample things for ageing skin but my interest was on its effect with acne scars and the general texture of skin. I have been using this for the past 8 weeks, 2 to 3 times a week. I cleanse then apply this and just go to bed. I feel like it works better that way. I have seen a huge reduction in scars which have been there for years. The overall texture of my skin is much better. I would have been prone to the odd white head around my nose or on my chin and these have rapidly disappeared. I have also noted that I don't seem to break out as much, especially around the pesky hormonal points of the month. 

Overall, I'm sold on Alpha H Liquid Gold. A little goes a long way so I could see me getting about 4 months out of a bottle. It definitely is a little luxury but if you are someone with problem skin, it is well worth the investment.