Perfect pout with NYC's new Lip Lacquers

Apparently normal lipsticks are old hat because every brand on the market seems to be coming up with a lip lacquer formula. They are longer lasting than a usual lipstick meaning if you are like me and are constantly drinking water, you don't have to reapply them a million times a day. 

NYC, which is one of my favourite bargain brands, has come up with their own offering which are set to be released on the 14th September. I've been given a sneaky peak and play with them and I must admit they are fantastic. I love NYC for their lip products and eyeshadows- such great quality for bargain prices. Firstly, the lip lacquers smell amazing. They have a strong berry smell which is welcome as some of the lacquers I have tried previously have smelt very medical! Secondly, the colour pay off is huge (just look at the image above!). In particular, 500 Rockaway Ruby is a very strong true red which will be perfect for the upcoming A/W season. I also love 300 Madison Square Mauve which looks great layered on my numerous nude lipsticks. 200 Chelsea Cherry Blossoms really reminds me of NARS Turkish Delight which was one of my teenage (and Kim Kardashian's) favourites. The wear time on them is very good as a sole product and layering does not cause creasing or a horrible texture like others I have tried. They remind me very much of the Rimmel Apocalips but I prefer the texture of these as the Rimmel can be quite matte and drying.  Another great factor is that they retail for just under £4 making them one of the most affordable on the market. 

I urge you to try these out when they come on the market- bargain price but a real quality product.