My top 3 A/W Trends for 2014

I've been asked a few times to share the trends to look out for winter. Any of the fashion magazines out this month will define this in more detail but these are the three wearable trends that I will be rocking this season. 

The colours to look out for
There are two huge colours this season- pale blue and grey. Just like last season with the pink statement coat, this season's "it" coat is the pale blue coat. I picked up one recently for a bargain £23 in Primark (it also comes in other colours!). Jumpers and trousers also look great in the pale blue shade helping to make you look like the perfect winter ice princess. In regards to grey, coats and jumpers in what could only be called "school jumper" grey have been very popular. The classic grey jumper looks great tucked into a skirt with a statement necklace for a night out or with a white shirt under it for a business meeting. 

My new pale blue Primark coat- £23!
H&M, £14.99

Texture and layering
Winter does always bring about the fur coats but this season sees an even heavier focus on texture. Fluffy cardigans, knits, teddy textures have all featured on the catwalks and have been filtering into all of the highstreet stores. Fluffy jumper layered with a fur gilet? Go for it. Just stick to a complementing colour palette like the aforementioned pale blues and greys. 

M&S, £69
Topshop, £65
The classics
The huge trend of the past few months of Normcore (essentially normal clothes like jeans and jumpers that make you look like a cool girl!) will continue into the winter months. I love this trend because it is all about very well made classic pieces. Good Chelsea boots, bretons, big scarves, well fitting jeans.... it's everything that you would easily find in Zara! Stick to a neutral palette- cream, white, navy, black and the pieces will see you right though to the spring.

Zara, £9.99
River Island, £45
So in conclusion- keep it simple, classy and chic. This season is all about "dressing well" rather than the indie and boho vibes we have seen in other seasons. Happy shopping!