16 September 2014

My Favourite Places in Belfast: Corn Market

All picture credit: Photography by Astrid

I love when other creative people come up with fabulous ideas. I was recently approached by the lovely Photography by Astrid to take some snaps of my favourite Belfast locations. I have divided the shots up into four different locations. I had so much fun taking these with Astrid- she was so easy to work with and make a anxious me feel much better. 

My first favourite location in Belfast is Corn Market. This is the little area before you walk into Victoria Square. It has always been special to me because of my regular Saturday visits to Belfast with my grandparents. Before Victoria Square existed, there was a really run down old arcade type shopping centre. My grandparents loved the furniture store in there so Corn Market is somewhere we would frequently pass by. Now, Corn Market is a hustle and bustle of people. The city has changed so much in past 10 years and the sculpture in the middle always has people waiting on friends, playing music or eating their lunch. There are so many cool shops in the surrounding area- Dr. Martens, Joules, Jigsaw, Jack Wills, Kiehl's... and that's before you even go into the shopping centre.

My outfit consists of a Topshop top and scarf, Next trousers, H&M sunglasses and a bag that was a gift from my mum. 

Stay tuned as I share the rest of my favourite Belfast locations shot by Photography by Astrid.