Bargain Skin Buys

I was always under the illusion that I couldn't use many drug store products because of my sensitive skin. How wrong was I!? The drugstore products have really upped their game and I have found fabulous products which are also cost effective. 

Firstly, Clearasil Superfruits Refreshing pads were recommended in a video I watched of the amazing skincare goddess Caroline Hirons. Clearasil is a brand I haven't looked at since my early teen years and it is something I always associate with heavily acne prone skin. However, she suggested these little pads as an everyday toner solution. They smell great, contain salicylic acid to keep the spots at bay and don't feel harsh on the skin. I have been able to use them morning and night after cleansing. My skin has been looking great- really refreshed and any breakouts have been minimal and moved along very quickly. Hooray! These are an absolute bargain (you get 65 pads for around the £4 mark) and would be great for all sorts of skin type. 

Secondly, something I have huge problems with is moisturiser. With my sensitive skin I have found that moisturiser will be the first thing to break me out. They can often be too greasy which I think causes problems. I have tried lots of the Nivea Daily Essentials range (the eye makeup remover is the BEST ever!) so I thought I would try the sensitive day and night creams. It is very rare that I have seen drugstore products targeted towards sensitive skin so I was intrigued. I have found these to be really nourishing and they haven't broken me out. The creams are paraben free- another great aspect for a bargain product. The Day Cream is very light and sits very nicely under my makeup. It also contains an SPF 15 which is good protection on a daily basis. The Night Cream is a little heavier but still sinks in very quickly without feeling greasy. Again these both retail for just over £4 but they are frequently on offer meaning that you can pick up both for an absolute steal!

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