Hair Update #2

It's growing. It's actually growing! My hair challenge for 2014 to have my dram long locks by Christmas is going well. This is the longest time I've gone without having a major change to my hair- no mad colour changes or big chops. Instead, I've been maintaining my hair in the best possible health with a hair trim every other colour. I have been getting my hair colour topped up every 6 weeks and at my most recent colour, had a colour gloss which has left my hair looking shiny and healthy. A colour gloss can be added to any service at Peter Mark for £15. They are also supposed to be great for patching in the greys as a temporary fix between colours. I may try this at the 4 week mark next time to prolong the permanent colour process. 

I've been loving Joico's K-PAK Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil* which I have been using before blow-drying and to tame any of my fly-away hairs post blow-dry. I have returned to using  my  Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo and Conditioner* as my Alpaparf Lisse Design Keratin Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner ran out. I had my Lisse Design treatment 7 weeks ago. My hair is still more manageable and smooth but I can see in my underneath layers where it is starting to grow out. I've been really impressed with it and I would definitely get the treatment again. It has been great for the warmer weather which often makes my curly hair a nightmare. 

Here is hoping I will update you in another two months with some significant growth. My hair is growing about an inch a month so by Christmas, hopefully I will look like a mermaid!!

*PR Sample