Glove Your Body- the newest tanning mitt on the block

Oh I do love getting post. It's the one aspect of blogging that will never tire me. I was sent a "Glove Your Body" tanning mitt from the lovely people at Gordon's Chemists last week. They've recently started stocking the mitt which currently retails for £14.99. Apparently it was a big hit with the girls at Gordon's Chemist so they wanted to find out my opinion. 

The mitt almost looks like a really fancy oven glove which I approve of because normal tanning mitts are a bit unsightly! The glove is made of a light furry fabric which covers both sides of the mitt. The inside is fully lined and it also has holes which you can put your fingers into. My only complaint is that I wish the mitt came down a little bit further on my arm but that just may be a problem of me being 5ft10! The mitt also comes in a little reusable plastic case which would be great for storing it or using it when abroad. The mitt can also be easily thrown into the washing machine and I'm happy to say it didn't turn green after leaving tan on it!

I tried out the mitt over the weekend using my Vita Liberata Extra Rich Lotion in Medium. I do have a preference for lotion tans as I have dry skin which makes mouse tans look patchy on me. I usually use a mitt from any pharmacy- the standard foamy kind! I did my tan prior to going to bed. I put a few squirts of tan on the mitt and I was able to do my whole body in about 5 minutes! As the mitt is made from very thick fabric, the tan sits on top of it rather than sinking in. The tan almost buffs into your skin rather than being dragged around the skin as so many mitts frequently do. I woke up with a really even tan which looked very natural. 

I would highly recommend this mitt to any girl who is tanning obsessed- it makes your life so much easier! It would be a great gift for the girl who thinks she has everything. I know I'll be dishing these out to my girls come Christmas time!