Wet'n'Wild Dinner at Malmasion Belfast

Beauty and food.... my two favourite things on planet earth. When the lovely PR Team behind Wet'n'Wild asked me did I fancy a meal at Malmasion Hotel Belfast to chat about all things beauty, I was overjoyed. Wet'n'Wild is one of my favourite bargain brands. Their eyeshadows are the most amazing quality and their lipstick colours rival many of the high end brands. Wet'n'Wild is now being stocked all over Ireland so the meal was a great way to discuss this.

This was my first time eating at Malmasion so I was keen to try some of their tasty dishes. I opted for crab gazpacho which was cooling and refreshing on a very warm day. I then stuck to my usual "first time at a restaurant" favourite of steak. My steak was huge and perfectly cooked. The fries which came with it were delicious. Contray to the usual culinary option, I love skinny chips. I have no interest in fat chips- you may as well be eating a roast potato. This was accompanied by a delicious peppered sauce. Lastly (at this point, I did feel like I needed to open the top button of my jeans!), I had a honeycomb sundae which came with a hot chocolate pouring sauce. 

Overall, I loved the food at Malmasion. It is good hearty food which would make for a great family celebration meal. Thank you to the Wet'n'Wild PR team for a lovely meal.