The products you need for perfect brows

If there is one things which is always commented on my Instagram selfies, it's something about my eyebrows. My brows are my pride and joy- they are now thick and bushy like the Lord intended after many years of dodgy waxing and threading sessions. The biggest tip I give to everyone seeking the perfect brows is to grow them out- literally don't touch them for months. Then go to see a professional like the amazing Studio D. All of Belfast beauty girls are in love with her techniques!

On a daily basis I fill my brows in. I use a mixture of products and depending on the look I want, I use them to varying degrees. My favourite products are pictured above. My everyday "go to" product is the Revlon Brow Fantasy. I have tried many pencils over the years but this by far is my favourite. I buy the dark brown variation (it comes in three shades) which matches my naturally almost black brows perfectly. I love the gel which makes up one half of Brow Fantasy. It distributes a good colour and doesn't leave the brows feeling crispy. I always fill my brows in lightly, focussing on the sparse areas and making them as natural as possible. 

If I am having a "I feel like Elizabeth Taylor and my brows need to be on point" day, I use my MAC Espresso eyeshadow. This is the perfect ashy colour which can be built to create more intensity. I use this with my Liz Earle Brow and Eyeliner Brush. I always wanted a brush like this (because I'm lazy) which allows me to apply the eyeshadow but also blend it out with the spooly on the opposite end. I then seal my brows in place with the gel from the Brow Fantasy. 

Simple and huge brow pay off!