Places you must visit this summer: Belfast Cookery School

If you haven't guessed already, I love my grub. So when Belfast Cookery School offered a "Curries of the World" class for me to try, I had my apron on faster than you could say Nigella Lawson. It was my second visit to Belfast Cookery School having been there only a week prior for a jam workshop with McKinney's Sure Set Sugar. 

The building is linked to the delicious Mourne Seafood Bar who own and operate the school. The cookery school looks like something from a TV set- it's really slick and impressive when you first walk in- the huge counter tops, cookers and stations allow every student at the school to feel like they have their own kitchen away from home. 

Our tutor for the night was Chef Stephen Jeffers. Stephen is a well known chef in Northern Ireland and has worked in many of the best eateries in the country. He is down to earth, friendly and encouraging. At the class we were making Spicy Prawns, Lentil Dahl and Lamb Dansk. I had never made a curry from scratch before so this was a great class for me to attend. I would say my cooking skills are fair for a 22 year old but Belfast Cookery School is a great way for me to learn practical skills that I will use in general cooking in the future. 

I won't spoil the whole experience but everything was fun and relaxed. We watched Stephen cook then we went to our stations to replicate what he had done. It was a bit like having a cookery book speak to you in real life! It was also great to have all of the ingredients set out and organised. I had to laugh a few times during the night as it did feel like I was on a TV show. All of the spices and flavours we used made the cookery school smell utterly gorgeous. My Spicy Prawns turned out perfectly and the sense of pride I felt in eating them was enormous! 

I had an amazing time at the cookery school. It was a great way to meet new people as we sat around and chatted while we ate our food with a few glasses of wine. I would recommend Belfast Cookery School to anyone. It was a great bonding experience for my friend and I. They also do specific classes for children which would make a great present for children who want to learn to take more responsibility in the household. I hope I will go back in the future with my mum as I think it would be a great present.

For the full list of classes or to enquire about a private booking, visit: 

Thank you Fiona, Jo, Stephen and all at Belfast Cookery School for a fab time.