Places you must visit this summer: St Anne's Cathedral Belfast

This summer, I am going to try and venture to lots of places which I think you definitely should visit to fill your afternoons and evenings. For the first in this series, I visited somewhere that I have been many times before and have had the pleasure of singing in- the iconic St Anne's Cathedral. St Anne's Cathedral have just launched a new interactive tour which costs £4. Using a head-set, you can work your way around the Cathedral, hearing the music, stories and history of the beautiful building. It is the first tour of its kind in Ireland as the audio tour is based on different points which you point the laser beam at to hear the story of- this makes it super user friendly for young and old. I am a bit of a sucker for history but to hear about the people and things in something which I'd frequented so many times, was fascinating. I have a Politics degree and knew a lot about Sir Edward Carson who is the only person buried in St Anne's. I highly recommend the audio tour for looking at where he is buried- a special story is linked with it. I loved looking at the numerous portraits and found the Chapel of Unity really moving. 

I feel really proud that we have something so beautifully built with such rich history in our city. I highly recommend the tour for a family day out. It takes less than an hour and you will come away feeling culturally much more rich after the tour.

The Cathedral is open to visitors from 9am to 5.15pm Monday to Saturday, (last audio tour at 4.45pm), and 1 to 3pm only on a Sunday. Please note that the Cathedral will sometimes be closed for special services like weddings and funerals. Booking isn’t necessary for individuals or small parties; however groups of over ten are advised to book to check if a sufficient quantity of audio tour handsets are available or if it would be more appropriate to arrange a guided tour.  For group bookings, please email  to discuss, giving as much notice as possible.

Belfast Cathedral is a sacred space and is open for worship and services outside of these hours.  Anyone can come into the Cathedral freely at any time of the day for quiet and a place to pray. Please check the website for the times of services.

Thank you so much to Karen for arranging my visit and to Dean Mann (who is a Reverend who blogs! Check out his blog here) for coming to chat with me.

That Belfast Girl