My first Yon-Ka facial at Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty

I find it really hard to relax. I'm a nightmare. I feel like I need to be doing something all the time otherwise I easily get bored (On discussion with many people, this seems to be a real "Northern Irish" character trait!). So when Yon-Ka contacted me to see if I would like to go for a facial, the idea of an hour of forced relaxation sounded like the boot up the backside I needed! If there is something that I pride on more than anything else in my beauty routine, it's my skincare. I love trying new products and dreaming about having skin like Kim Kardashian. 

I haven't had a facial in a really long time (the last one was in the Bellagio Hotel Spa in Las Vegas which I highly recommend). I went to Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty in Helen's Bay. Helen's Bay is about 20 minutes outside Belfast and is the cutest little village. Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty is situated in the old train station of Helen's Bay. Thus, the stone building feels historic, interesting and provides an amazing tranquil setting for pampering. From the minute I walked through the door I felt transported to somewhere calmed. As previously mentioned, I never feel calm so whatever Deborah Harper has going on at her salon should be bottled and sold to people like me!

I was excited for my first Yon-Ka facial. The brand has been around since 1954 and the exclusivity of the brand only heightened the allure. Deborah carried out my facial. Firstly she assessed my skin. I have quite dehydrated and sensitive skin so we opted to go for the hour long Hydralessence facial which would help with my moisture levels. This involved double exfoliation, an amazing mask with arm, head and neck massages thrown in. It's hard to explain a facial experience in words but I honestly felt so calm and happy during the treatment. I almost fell asleep! All of the products smell aromatic and refreshing without being sickeningly sweet. Deborah and I also had a great chat about all things beauty- she's a lovely girl and really knows her business. It's easy to see why she is so highly regarded in the industry. My skin felt so smooth and looked so glowingly healthy.

Following my treatment, I took my time getting ready and had a glass of water to amp up the hydration levels further. Deborah also gave me the Yon-Ka booklet and ticked the best products for me.  I would highly recommend the Yon-Ka facial experience. I know so much more about the products and now I am able to use those which are best for my skin.

I feel like this is the start of a beautiful journey for me with Yon-Ka (Masque No1... I'm coming for you) and also with Deborah Harper's amazing salon.

Thank you so much to Seuna and Deborah for an amazing experience.