Jam Making with McKinney's and Rozanne Stevens

When an email appeared a few weeks ago asking me did I want to come to learn to make jam, I jumped at the chance. I had never been to Belfast Cookery School before so my nosey instincts had me all excited. Myself and my friend Lynda from Lifestyle Lessons Belfast took ourselves off for an afternoon which turned out to be great fun. 

The class was led by well-know chef Rozanne Stevens who hails from South Africia. With that in mind, her jam recipes were inspired by some of the flavours of her childhood. She informed us that her father was a citrus fruit farmer so felt inclined to use fresh tastes in lots of the jams.

I had always assumed that jam-making was quite an arduous process but McKinney's Sure Set Jam Sugar irradiates a lot of the fuss. I chose to make a strawberry and banana jam. After chopping up all of my ingredients and letting the flavours muddle together in a pan, I added in the Sure Set Jam Sugar. This only has to boil for 4 minutes (much to everyone's surprise). I then left this to cool for 15 minutes then poured it into sterilised jars which will help to keep the unopened jam safe for up to a year! My jam tastes absolutely amazing and I was so impressed with how simple it was to make. 

We were also treated to a delicious lunch from Rozanne and the Mourne Seafood Bar (who own the Belfast Cookery School). From salmon to mini wheatens, salad and some of the preserves and relishes, it was truly a feast of epic proportions!

Thank you to McKinney's, Belfast Cookery School and Rozanne Stevens for a great day. I think I might be addicted to making jam now!