Chillin' at 5A

I've had a busy week. Sometimes, all you need is a sit down, a chat and put the world to rights. I nipped round to 5A Lockview Road (both the address and name of the coffee shop) which is the sweetest coffee shop I've been to in a while. The seating flows out on the street and it has a really relaxed vibe. They serve coffee, homemade sweet treats and daily savoury specials. The concept behind 5A seems to be simplicity- keep it small and keep it fabulous! I sat outside with my friends and sipped a lemonade with a salted caramel brownie (highly recommended). My friend had a root beer and a peanut butter ball which I will be going back for. My friend's little one preferred to nip to JD's sweetie shop next door for a Slushie and a packet of crisps- oh to be 6 again! Also, how cute is my friends dog? It's hard not to fall in love with those eyes!

I feel like this is the start of many friend dates at 5A- it feels like a little bit of Chelsea in Belfast.

That Belfast Girl