Wet'n'Wild Dinner at Malmasion Belfast

Beauty and food.... my two favourite things on planet earth. When the lovely PR Team behind Wet'n'Wild asked me did I fancy a meal at Malmasion Hotel Belfast to chat about all things beauty, I was overjoyed. Wet'n'Wild is one of my favourite bargain brands. Their eyeshadows are the most amazing quality and their lipstick colours rival many of the high end brands. Wet'n'Wild is now being stocked all over Ireland so the meal was a great way to discuss this.

This was my first time eating at Malmasion so I was keen to try some of their tasty dishes. I opted for crab gazpacho which was cooling and refreshing on a very warm day. I then stuck to my usual "first time at a restaurant" favourite of steak. My steak was huge and perfectly cooked. The fries which came with it were delicious. Contray to the usual culinary option, I love skinny chips. I have no interest in fat chips- you may as well be eating a roast potato. This was accompanied by a delicious peppered sauce. Lastly (at this point, I did feel like I needed to open the top button of my jeans!), I had a honeycomb sundae which came with a hot chocolate pouring sauce. 

Overall, I loved the food at Malmasion. It is good hearty food which would make for a great family celebration meal. Thank you to the Wet'n'Wild PR team for a lovely meal. 

An Ode to Eye Makeup Remover Swabs

If there is one thing that I will never be good at, it's applying eyeliner. It's just not my forte in life. However, something that has made my life a lot easier over the past number of years are eye-makeup swabs. They're a simple concept- a cotton bud with some makeup remover inside or on the swab. And really, they are a lazy girl's dream which saves faffing about with an actual cotton bud and a bottle of eye-makeup remover. They're also great for throwing in your handbag, especially if you are like me and end up with panda eyes due to hayfever.

Currently I've been using the Sephora Targeted Eye Remover Swabs (I think they need to put the word make-up in, I don't want my actual eye removed...) which are really great at fixing all of my eyeliner and mascara mishaps. I'm also very fond of the DHC Olive Oil Cotton Swabs. These are a much more cost-effective option and also are great for removing little bits of foundation that might need reapplied if the area is dry etc. The DHC Swabs are also individually packaged meaning that they fit perfectly into any beauty emergency kit. 

Let me know below or on Twitter @GemmaLEBond if you have any little beauty secrets which help make your makeup application easier! 

The products you need for perfect brows

If there is one things which is always commented on my Instagram selfies, it's something about my eyebrows. My brows are my pride and joy- they are now thick and bushy like the Lord intended after many years of dodgy waxing and threading sessions. The biggest tip I give to everyone seeking the perfect brows is to grow them out- literally don't touch them for months. Then go to see a professional like the amazing Studio D. All of Belfast beauty girls are in love with her techniques!

On a daily basis I fill my brows in. I use a mixture of products and depending on the look I want, I use them to varying degrees. My favourite products are pictured above. My everyday "go to" product is the Revlon Brow Fantasy. I have tried many pencils over the years but this by far is my favourite. I buy the dark brown variation (it comes in three shades) which matches my naturally almost black brows perfectly. I love the gel which makes up one half of Brow Fantasy. It distributes a good colour and doesn't leave the brows feeling crispy. I always fill my brows in lightly, focussing on the sparse areas and making them as natural as possible. 

If I am having a "I feel like Elizabeth Taylor and my brows need to be on point" day, I use my MAC Espresso eyeshadow. This is the perfect ashy colour which can be built to create more intensity. I use this with my Liz Earle Brow and Eyeliner Brush. I always wanted a brush like this (because I'm lazy) which allows me to apply the eyeshadow but also blend it out with the spooly on the opposite end. I then seal my brows in place with the gel from the Brow Fantasy. 

Simple and huge brow pay off! 

Places you must visit this summer: Belfast Cookery School

If you haven't guessed already, I love my grub. So when Belfast Cookery School offered a "Curries of the World" class for me to try, I had my apron on faster than you could say Nigella Lawson. It was my second visit to Belfast Cookery School having been there only a week prior for a jam workshop with McKinney's Sure Set Sugar. 

The building is linked to the delicious Mourne Seafood Bar who own and operate the school. The cookery school looks like something from a TV set- it's really slick and impressive when you first walk in- the huge counter tops, cookers and stations allow every student at the school to feel like they have their own kitchen away from home. 

Our tutor for the night was Chef Stephen Jeffers. Stephen is a well known chef in Northern Ireland and has worked in many of the best eateries in the country. He is down to earth, friendly and encouraging. At the class we were making Spicy Prawns, Lentil Dahl and Lamb Dansk. I had never made a curry from scratch before so this was a great class for me to attend. I would say my cooking skills are fair for a 22 year old but Belfast Cookery School is a great way for me to learn practical skills that I will use in general cooking in the future. 

I won't spoil the whole experience but everything was fun and relaxed. We watched Stephen cook then we went to our stations to replicate what he had done. It was a bit like having a cookery book speak to you in real life! It was also great to have all of the ingredients set out and organised. I had to laugh a few times during the night as it did feel like I was on a TV show. All of the spices and flavours we used made the cookery school smell utterly gorgeous. My Spicy Prawns turned out perfectly and the sense of pride I felt in eating them was enormous! 

I had an amazing time at the cookery school. It was a great way to meet new people as we sat around and chatted while we ate our food with a few glasses of wine. I would recommend Belfast Cookery School to anyone. It was a great bonding experience for my friend and I. They also do specific classes for children which would make a great present for children who want to learn to take more responsibility in the household. I hope I will go back in the future with my mum as I think it would be a great present.

For the full list of classes or to enquire about a private booking, visit: 

Thank you Fiona, Jo, Stephen and all at Belfast Cookery School for a fab time.


Avril's beautiful little girls showed me this book- very appropriate for my outfit!
Unless I'm going out to a party, the weekends for me are all about comfort. I went over to visit my BFF Avril from School Gate Style for tea and a chat. I opted to wear three items which are all relatively new. Firstly, my new breton is from Jack Wills. I picked it up when I was at Kildare Village for a bargain €21. I love the boxy fit and it is so soft. Bretons are the best items for off-duty chic as they are basically a t-shirt which makes you look more put together! I also have bretons from Boden and H&M which are great quality. I can imagine myself wearing my breton in the winter with a shirt layered below it.

My jeans are a recent M&S sale purchase. They are the boyfriend style from the Indigo range. They were reduced to a bargain £8.99. My trainers are my latest obsession. I picked up my New Balance 501's in Century 21 when I was in New York for a bargain £27! I really wanted a pair of statement trainers and these were exactly what I was looking for. They are very comfortable and I've been wearing them more than I thought I would. 

I hope you've all had a great weekend- the weather has been great but am I the only one who feels ill in the heat? Typical Belfast woman! 

Places You Must Visit This Summer: Kildare Village

Gorgeous CAST sculpture
The best salad ever from L'Officina
Amazing boots in Reiss
All Saints jacket
A new addition to the village- Kildare Village Kitchen
Ted Baker
Loved this simple. glam Ted Baker shirt dress
More Ted Baker bargains

Last week, I visited the beautiful Kildare Village. Kildare Village is located outside Dublin and it took just over 2 hours to get there from my Belfast home. Myself and my friend Lynda from Lifestyle Lessons Belfast decided to go mid-week. We picked the perfect day to go- it was 25 degrees and as the Village is outdoor, it made for the most lovely atmosphere. Kildare Village also is currently exhibiting art from Irish sculptors throughout the Village. The exhibition entitled "CAST" fits well into the landscape and feels very natural. It was lovely to stop and look at these amazing sculptures between shopping and read about their different meanings. Another recent addition to Kildare Village is the Kildare Village Kitchen. The pop up restaurant in the centre of the Village offers lots of tasty treats for hungry shoppers over the summer months. The artisan, Irish produced food is available until the 31st August. 

The Village itself if very spacious but not-overwhelming. There are many stores in the Village but fashion is the aim of the game with stores like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Ted Baker, All Saints, DKNY, Jack Wills and Mulberry all offering amazing bargains. The choice of stores made me think that it is makes a perfect day out for a big crowd of girls or the perfect mum-daughter adventure. 

As it is the summer, many of the stores also have further reductions on items. The stores which impressed me the most where Mulberry, All Saints and Jaeger. These stores are well known for their high quality "classic pieces" which can often be quite pricey. However, the reductions on items such as shoes, bags and jackets made them more accessible investment pieces. I picked up two things in Jaeger which I'm sure I will feature over the coming months. There is also an amazing Joules store. Joules is a British brand which has just opened up in Belfast's Corn Market. Kildare Village's Joules outlet was offering huge reductions on their hero items such as their quilted jackets.

We had a beautiful lunch in L'Officina which is situated in the Village. The Italian restaurant which is run by a local couple, honestly served the chicken BEST salad I had ever tasted. The restaurant is bright, airy and the staff were friendly. 

I would highly recommend a visit to Kildare Village. The bargains I purchased were amazing and I know that I'll be returning again in the winter to stock up on Christmas pressies and winter pieces!

I thought I would give you my 3 top tips for shopping at Kildare Village

1. Arrive early and leave late. 
The village is huge and you might discover a whole new love for a brand you've overlooked previously. 

2. Try everything on.
It's a long way back to Kildare to return something.....

3. Go with a plan.
Don't just say "Oh I'll buy what I fancy". Go with a plan of things you have missing from your wardrobe. Kildare Village is the perfect place to pick up classic pieces at a reduced rate. On my visit I  knew I needed new summer sandals and a graduation dress and managed to pick both up with no bother. Need a new leather jacket or handbag? Go with that intention. You won't be disappointed. 

The best thing about going to Kildare Village is that McComb's transport are now running tours from Northern Ireland meaning that you can leave the car at home! For more information on their tours, prices and when they run, visit 

For more information on Kildare Village, visit

Thank you so much to Kildare Village, Catriona, Dee, our driver Stephen from McCombs for making my visit so memorable. I can't wait to come back! 

Little but lovely

I'm a sucker for anything in miniature form. Mini vegetables (Google baby aubergines), mini Magnums (the best ice-creams around.... Almond for me please) and now mini cosmetics. Clearly on my recent New York visit I was very inspired by the miniatures they had on offer. Minis, deluxe samples and travel sizes are a great way to try new products- I urge all of my readers to do it! It saves money and lets you see if you will REALLY use the product! 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Too Faced is a brand I have recently been exploring and it's fast becoming one of my favourites. It is available in larger Boots stores. I picked up a little set when I was in the States called "Beauty Blogger Favourites" because it sounded like a great way to know the brand. The brand is all about natural, sexy makeup which is the look I would always steer towards. I have used Benefit Hoola Bronzer for years but the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer has quickly replaced that. It smells amazing (clue's in the name....), the medium/deep colour is perfect for my medium skin tone and it's the most natural bronzed colour. It makes for a really natural contour colour or an all over dusting on a pale day. 

MAC Strobe Cream
Strobe Cream is a product I loved as a teenager but at some point I stopped buying it. I couldn't remember why so when I was in SoHo, I picked up a mini, just incase I couldn't remember if it turned my face into a disco ball.....! I have used this religiously since I got it. Strobe Cream is a hybrid moisturiser/primer/illuminator and I think I'm truly in love with it. I've been using it below my foundation to give the perfectly dewey skin that everyone dreams of for the summer months. The full size Strobe Cream comes in at £24.50 and as a small bit goes a long way, it's well worth every penny. 

Evian Facial Spray
Damn Sephora and their clever marketing. I visited Sephora on a VERY warm day and the Evian Facial Spray Duo pack screamed "buy me". I've never been a facial spray fan but this is very light-weight. I've used it both pre and post makeup on my tired skin to help to pump up the moisture. I also love this on my no-makeup days as a wee "pick me up". It's definitely more of a little luxury but in the heat it quickly becomes an essential!

Let me know below if there are any mini products you've loved so much that you've invested in the full size!

Learning to be happy

I feel like this post has been a bloody long time coming. Although my blog is a "lifestyle" blog, I do love to share a little bit about me every now and then. I've been really public and used my blog as a platform for speaking out about depression. I endured many of my teenage years being physically unwell which in part, contributed to me feeling exceedingly unhappy. Although depression is something in itself, the huge sense of unhappiness and discontentment which comes as part of the 'depression package' is a struggle which seems to face many women in their early 20s. 

Over the past few months I've seen such a huge change in myself, physically as well as emotionally. I didn't just wake up one morning and feel dramatically happier but rather, it was a learning curve. I think you can get yourself so deep into wallow and feeling like the world is against you that you forget who you are. The last few months have consisted of me making small changes which have contributed me in feeling much happier. 

I thought I would share some steps I have taken to help make me feel a little more positive. I hope that some of my tips help you in your quest to be happier.

1. Surround yourself with inspiration
I have found that surrounding myself with happy, positive people has really started to rub off on me! Although I'm in my 20s, I naturally gravitate towards people who are a little older than me- maybe it's because they always seem so much more settled and grounded with their life (And they can frequently remind me that I'm wiser than they were at my age!). I also have felt so much more creative the past few months- looking at photography, reading quotes, finding new blogs to peruse and exploring the city around me has been hugely rewarding. 

2. Come to peace with things that have happened in your life
Sometimes you have to grieve for things whether that's people or a situation. For me, this was the hardest thing to do. I constantly had things from my past that would upset me but recently, I've realised that what has happened has made me a much stronger and dynamic person. If there is something that you can't work out, write it down. Reflect on it. Cry about it. Talk to your friends about it. I had so many things which I kept bottled up- so much so that one night at a friends house when something came up, I broke into a rash all over my arms and chest. But for the first time, I opened up about a bad situation and it freed me. Nothing is too shocking and your true friends will never judge you.  

3. Stop hating yourself
Online, I come across as ultra-confident but like every woman, I struggle with how I look and what people think of me. However, I've come to terms with what I am. I'm 5ft10, a size 14 and have an arse the size of a small country but so what!? People tell me I look like Nigella Lawson and it makes my heart fill with joy. But as cheesy as it is, beauty starts on the inside. I've had many comments  on Instagram recently about what I look like physically but it's 100% due to the fact I feel happier. Unhappiness, stress and sorrow really do come through in a persons face. Feel happy on the inside and you'll learn to be happy with your outside. 

4. Remind yourself of what you have
a.k.a. take time to smell the roses! I think it is true of everyone that we are so busy rushing around that when we have time to ourselves, our instant thoughts turn to what is missing from our lives rather than what we have in our lives. Start with the basics. A roof over your head, food, clothes. Sometimes what you don't have can make you feel unhappy but there's no point in wishing your life away. See everyday as another step towards a goal- whether that goal is saving for something or working hard at uni. 

5. Get moving
A huge part of my unhappiness was that I was sick and couldn't physically move. Years of being unable to exercise meant that I almost had a fear of doing anything! However, over the past few months, I've been going on long walks along the beach. I stick my hair up, take my makeup off and allow my brain to have a time out (See picture above of me at my local beach!). It's hard but leaving my phone in the car and taking some "offline" time can really help to rest the brain. Walking is such a great way to aid a good night's sleep or to start your day on a positive note. If you are finding motivation hard, grab a friend and bring them with you. Often a good mid-week bitch with a chum whislt walking will do you the world of good! AND don't make excuses. If you have time to go online, you have time for a quick walk! 

And lastly, never ever let your happiness depend on others. People can assist in making you happy but they aren't the reason you feel happy. Say goodbye to toxic friends. Be brave to get yourself out of a bad situation. Let yourself know that when you are on your own with your feet up and a cuppa tea, that you are happy. Learning to be happy is not easy- it almost feels like retraining your brain as you've fallen into bad habits. Start working on one thing. It'll make all the difference. 

The nail colour that looks fab with a tan

Orange. I know. Shocker. If you are a long time That Belfast Girl reader, you will know that orange is my favourite colour. And it has to be Hermes Orange (Google it if you are unsure). This obsession is usually kept to fashion but the odd time, I make an exception. I love Wet n Wild cosmetics which are now available in selected pharmacies throughout Northern Ireland. I picked up the orange Club Havana Megalast nail polish for two reasons: I knew it would look FAB with a tan and the formula of Megalast polishes is AMAZING! For under £3, these are fast becoming one of my favourite polishes on the market. The brush is flat, akin to that of the Sally Hansen nail polishes, making application easy and fast. I've been fake tanning recently and this polish makes me feel like I should be on holiday on a tropical island, sipping cocktails in my swimsuit. 

Megalast polishes come in an array of  great colours- make sure to check them out! 

Giving into the hype- Maybelline's Age Rewind Concealer

I hate being proved wrong. I looked at the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (named Maybelline The Eraser in the UK) for years and didn't understand the hype. When I was in America, the pharmacy was selling them for buy one, get one half price and as I noticed my BFF Avril from School Gate Style using it, I assumed it must be good.

Needless to say, I've been obsessed with this ever since buying it. However, I use it as an all over concealer rather than just for dark circles. There is almost a serum texture to the formula but it still delivers in terms of coverage. For my relaxed days when I wear BB cream or tinted moisturiser, this is the perfect cover up for any blemishes or discolouration. The only downside is that it's not bigger. I'm going through this very quickly as I have been using it everyday. Apparently this is a little harder to find in the UK and the shade range is not as great as in the States (typical!) but I know I will stock up next time I see it in Boots or Superdrug. 

If you have tried this, let me know your feelings. I might take the little sponge applicator off to see if I get longer from the product!

Jam Making with McKinney's and Rozanne Stevens

When an email appeared a few weeks ago asking me did I want to come to learn to make jam, I jumped at the chance. I had never been to Belfast Cookery School before so my nosey instincts had me all excited. Myself and my friend Lynda from Lifestyle Lessons Belfast took ourselves off for an afternoon which turned out to be great fun. 

The class was led by well-know chef Rozanne Stevens who hails from South Africia. With that in mind, her jam recipes were inspired by some of the flavours of her childhood. She informed us that her father was a citrus fruit farmer so felt inclined to use fresh tastes in lots of the jams.

I had always assumed that jam-making was quite an arduous process but McKinney's Sure Set Jam Sugar irradiates a lot of the fuss. I chose to make a strawberry and banana jam. After chopping up all of my ingredients and letting the flavours muddle together in a pan, I added in the Sure Set Jam Sugar. This only has to boil for 4 minutes (much to everyone's surprise). I then left this to cool for 15 minutes then poured it into sterilised jars which will help to keep the unopened jam safe for up to a year! My jam tastes absolutely amazing and I was so impressed with how simple it was to make. 

We were also treated to a delicious lunch from Rozanne and the Mourne Seafood Bar (who own the Belfast Cookery School). From salmon to mini wheatens, salad and some of the preserves and relishes, it was truly a feast of epic proportions!

Thank you to McKinney's, Belfast Cookery School and Rozanne Stevens for a great day. I think I might be addicted to making jam now!

Chillin' at 5A

I've had a busy week. Sometimes, all you need is a sit down, a chat and put the world to rights. I nipped round to 5A Lockview Road (both the address and name of the coffee shop) which is the sweetest coffee shop I've been to in a while. The seating flows out on the street and it has a really relaxed vibe. They serve coffee, homemade sweet treats and daily savoury specials. The concept behind 5A seems to be simplicity- keep it small and keep it fabulous! I sat outside with my friends and sipped a lemonade with a salted caramel brownie (highly recommended). My friend had a root beer and a peanut butter ball which I will be going back for. My friend's little one preferred to nip to JD's sweetie shop next door for a Slushie and a packet of crisps- oh to be 6 again! Also, how cute is my friends dog? It's hard not to fall in love with those eyes!

I feel like this is the start of many friend dates at 5A- it feels like a little bit of Chelsea in Belfast.

That Belfast Girl 

The eye-shadow that suits everyone and their granny

It is very rare that I find a "one shade suits all" product. However, most the Liz Earle makeup range bucks this trend. The small collection is a real capsule collection of colours which would flatter many ages and skin tones. I was instantly attracted to the eyeshadows for two reasons. Firstly, they come in the cutest packaging which contains a mirror on the lid. I feel like this gives it a real old school vibe but also, the mirror comes in handy! Secondly, the eyeshadows are ultra pigmented. When I was trying them in Boots (Belfast City Centre which has the only Liz Earle counter in NI), I was impressed by the huge colour pay off from one swipe. 

The colour from the range which I think everyone should have in their makeup bags is 05 Bronze which they describe as a "mid-brown with a wash of gold". It is the perfect all day eye-shadow as it can be applied in the morning and will be flattering for the office and a few more layers of colour can be added to take you for those post-work drinks. There is almost an olive undertone to this eyeshadow which brings out the green in my eyes. 

If you are afraid of eyeshadow, 05 Bronze by Liz Earle is a great place to start. Alternatively, if you are an eyeshadow addict, this is a key colour to add to your collection.

The hero product seal of approval from me- words I don't utter very often!

That Belfast Girl

My first Yon-Ka facial at Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty

I find it really hard to relax. I'm a nightmare. I feel like I need to be doing something all the time otherwise I easily get bored (On discussion with many people, this seems to be a real "Northern Irish" character trait!). So when Yon-Ka contacted me to see if I would like to go for a facial, the idea of an hour of forced relaxation sounded like the boot up the backside I needed! If there is something that I pride on more than anything else in my beauty routine, it's my skincare. I love trying new products and dreaming about having skin like Kim Kardashian. 

I haven't had a facial in a really long time (the last one was in the Bellagio Hotel Spa in Las Vegas which I highly recommend). I went to Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty in Helen's Bay. Helen's Bay is about 20 minutes outside Belfast and is the cutest little village. Deborah Harper Makeup & Beauty is situated in the old train station of Helen's Bay. Thus, the stone building feels historic, interesting and provides an amazing tranquil setting for pampering. From the minute I walked through the door I felt transported to somewhere calmed. As previously mentioned, I never feel calm so whatever Deborah Harper has going on at her salon should be bottled and sold to people like me!

I was excited for my first Yon-Ka facial. The brand has been around since 1954 and the exclusivity of the brand only heightened the allure. Deborah carried out my facial. Firstly she assessed my skin. I have quite dehydrated and sensitive skin so we opted to go for the hour long Hydralessence facial which would help with my moisture levels. This involved double exfoliation, an amazing mask with arm, head and neck massages thrown in. It's hard to explain a facial experience in words but I honestly felt so calm and happy during the treatment. I almost fell asleep! All of the products smell aromatic and refreshing without being sickeningly sweet. Deborah and I also had a great chat about all things beauty- she's a lovely girl and really knows her business. It's easy to see why she is so highly regarded in the industry. My skin felt so smooth and looked so glowingly healthy.

Following my treatment, I took my time getting ready and had a glass of water to amp up the hydration levels further. Deborah also gave me the Yon-Ka booklet and ticked the best products for me.  I would highly recommend the Yon-Ka facial experience. I know so much more about the products and now I am able to use those which are best for my skin.

I feel like this is the start of a beautiful journey for me with Yon-Ka (Masque No1... I'm coming for you) and also with Deborah Harper's amazing salon.

Thank you so much to Seuna and Deborah for an amazing experience.


Places you must visit this summer: St Anne's Cathedral Belfast

This summer, I am going to try and venture to lots of places which I think you definitely should visit to fill your afternoons and evenings. For the first in this series, I visited somewhere that I have been many times before and have had the pleasure of singing in- the iconic St Anne's Cathedral. St Anne's Cathedral have just launched a new interactive tour which costs £4. Using a head-set, you can work your way around the Cathedral, hearing the music, stories and history of the beautiful building. It is the first tour of its kind in Ireland as the audio tour is based on different points which you point the laser beam at to hear the story of- this makes it super user friendly for young and old. I am a bit of a sucker for history but to hear about the people and things in something which I'd frequented so many times, was fascinating. I have a Politics degree and knew a lot about Sir Edward Carson who is the only person buried in St Anne's. I highly recommend the audio tour for looking at where he is buried- a special story is linked with it. I loved looking at the numerous portraits and found the Chapel of Unity really moving. 

I feel really proud that we have something so beautifully built with such rich history in our city. I highly recommend the tour for a family day out. It takes less than an hour and you will come away feeling culturally much more rich after the tour.

The Cathedral is open to visitors from 9am to 5.15pm Monday to Saturday, (last audio tour at 4.45pm), and 1 to 3pm only on a Sunday. Please note that the Cathedral will sometimes be closed for special services like weddings and funerals. Booking isn’t necessary for individuals or small parties; however groups of over ten are advised to book to check if a sufficient quantity of audio tour handsets are available or if it would be more appropriate to arrange a guided tour.  For group bookings, please email  to discuss, giving as much notice as possible.

Belfast Cathedral is a sacred space and is open for worship and services outside of these hours.  Anyone can come into the Cathedral freely at any time of the day for quiet and a place to pray. Please check the website for the times of services.

Thank you so much to Karen for arranging my visit and to Dean Mann (who is a Reverend who blogs! Check out his blog here) for coming to chat with me.

That Belfast Girl