The mini-buffing brush

I'm a sucker for anything in miniature form. Often, the things are cute and serve no major purpose but I've found a mini-brush that I can't live without. On my recent New York trip, a frantic 20 minute dash around Sephora left me throwing things into my basket that I hadn't intended on buying (This seemed to happen a lot on the trip.....). I love Sephora own brand brushes and I took a notion for this little buffing brush. I thought it would be a great brush to throw in my handbag for touch-ups. However, it has fast become one of my favourite brushes for foundation and concealer. Whether I am looking very tired and need serious concealer on my eyes or I'm buffing in a light sweep of foundation, this brush has been great. The brush is soft and the size allows for great precision and an air-brushed flawless finish.

A great value for money brush. Sephora now ships to the UK so you too can have your fill of tiny cute brushes. 

That Belfast Girl