Perfect hair with the Braun Satin-Hair 7

Sometimes I think the blogging Gods look down on me with good luck. Last week while I was drying my hair I realised my 5 year old hair-dryer was starting to smell a bit like burning toffee when I was using it. And we all know what that smell means....! An email popped up last week asking me would I like a hair-dryer from the Braun range and of course I jumped at the chance- good timing or what?! 

I was sent the Braun Satin-Hair 7. This is my first venture into the world of ionic hairdryers which are supposed to cause less heat damage to the hair or as the box says "100% damage free styling". Ionic hairdryers are designed to make the hair dry faster and also make the hair look shiny. The help seal in moisture rather than dry the moisture out. 

I was really impressed on opening my hairdryer as it comes with both a standard nozzle and a diffuser. As a curly haired girl, I'm ashamed to say I didn't own a diffuser! But I'm really excited to put this to the test. I've heard great reports with diffusers on ionic hairdryers as they completely eliminate frizz.

The hairdryer itself is light and easy to manage. It has two speed and two heat settings. The ionic feature can also be turned on or off- the ionic feature makes the top of the hairdryer light up in a green colour. There is also a removable filter to clean the hairdryer (a minor factor but music to my ears as I think this is why my previous hairdryer was on its road out!). It also comes with the unique Satin-Hair technology which can be turned on or off. This caps the temperature and distributes the air evenly to prevent breakage. This hair-dryer retails for just under £50, which in comparison to other hairdryers with similar features on the market, is very good value. 

I chose to do my usual Saturday at home blow-dry and test out the hairdryer. I use a GHD Size 2 brush and spritz my hair with VO5 Plump It Up Blowdry Lotion. This is a great bargain product which gives great heat protection and a bit of root lift. I turned on the IONTEC and Satin-Hair features and timed how long it took to blow-dry my hair. I usually take about 25 minutes as I section my hair off and I try to get my hair as salon perfect as possible. With my new hair-dryer, my hair took 13 minutes! I was amazed...and my hair felt and looked so smooth.

I'm excited to continue to use this hair-dryer- especially to dry my naturally curly locks.

Thank you to the Braun PR Team for my pressie!

That Belfast Girl