Party in Style with M&S's Summer of Flavour Range

It's the season for parties, BBQ's and generally just enjoying this good spell of weather we seem to be having. I am a life-long Marks and Spencer fan and this summer, they have produced an amazing range of treats which would be perfect for the up-coming graduation season. Firstly, canapĂ© and hot snack wise, there are a wide range of Mediterranean inspired tapas which are on offer for 3 for £6. I tried out three varieties but the Spiced Chicken Pastries were my favourite. They all cooked evenly in the oven in under 10 minutes.

For drinks options, there are a wide array of new juices. The very trendy Coconut Water is now at M&S along with Pineapple Juice which has a kick of chilli and lemon-grass. The pineapple juice has been going down a treat in my house for breakfast time- it certainly wakes you up! If you want something a bit more grown up, try the Caipirinha Fizz. Inspired by the classic cocktail, the white wine, rum and lime cooler provides a delicious and refreshing alternative to champagne. 

To go along with the drinks, the crisps and nuts selection is fantastic. To be honest, if I had to pick only one thing from this whole selection I would pick the crisps! The offerings include Lime and Chickpea Tortilla Scoops (perfect for homemade guacamole) to coconut & chilli cashew nuts or my favourite, Soy & Balsamic Sweet Potato Crisps (whole bag, 1 sitting- no regrets!), all which make a perfect accompaniment to the aforementioned drinks. 

For sweet-treats there are a selection of fresh flavours on the menu including passion-fruit and citrus fruits. As an alternative to the class (addictive) jaffa cake, there are Passion Fruit and Peach Jaffa Cakes. These are a fun and fruity- a surefire hit with kids! For added cuteness there are an array of "mini cakes" which are small cupcakes with a creamy centre. We opted to try the Passion Fruit variety and these were just the right amount of sweet and citrus. 

All of the Summer of Flavour range is at Marks and Spencer food halls now. 

That Belfast Girl