Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Treatment at Jason Shankey

My natural curly hair when I was in America

I have been blessed with a good head of thick hair. It must be in the genes as my mum and granny both have hair which needs cut every 3 weeks! Over the past year I've been growing my hair and lately it seems to have shot down. When I was in America, I left my hair curly as it was too warm to spend the time blow-drying it straight. 

I met Brenda Shankey (the amazingly smart business woman and wife to Jason) a few months ago and she suggested I try the Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy. There are so many Brazilian Blowdry/12 Week Blow-Dry type products on the market and I know people who have had mixed success with different brands. Alfaparf is a luxury brand used in great salons so I knew that their version would be something different. The Lisse Design Keratin Therapy aims to eliminate frizz and it is paraben free. The treatment contains lots of keratin and babassu oil to keep the hair sleek for up to 3 months. I must emphasise that this is NOT chemical straightening. It is a treatment which helps to keep your hair in great condition and make it easier to manage. If you have curly hair like me, over-processed colour treated hair or want to banish your frizz, this treatment is perfect for you. Instead of me explaining every step, I have included the official video of how it is done. The treatment took just under 2 hours for me which is very fast considering some other brands take up to 4 to 5 hours. 

I had my treatment done at the Jason Shankey Salon in the House of Fraser. The salon is so handy- I parked downstairs in Victoria Square and ran up the stairs! Jason Shankey is a brand which people tend to associate more with men but they have expanded into a women's brand and offer all the usual hair treats you would expect along with the addition of tape in hair extensions and the LA Blowdry (2 people blow-dry your hair at once!). I was anxious to see the results of the treatment but I am pleased to say I was beyond thrilled. Like most people with curly hair, at times it can feel a little dry or coarse. The treatment left my hair ultra-sleek, shiny and smooth. My friends have all commented saying that it looks like I have a new head of hair!

As part of the treatment you receive the maintenance shampoo and conditioner which will help the hair stay sleek for up to 12 weeks. I try to wash my hair every 4-5 days so hopefully it will last the entire time. I washed my hair today and I'm still amazed at the results, My hair dried much faster and I didn't need to run the straighteners through it- it looks salon blow-dried!

The treatment costs £150 but as someone who prides themselves on their "crowning glory" it feels very much worth the money. I will be sure to update you all on the progress and lasting power of the treatment over the coming weeks.

For more information or appointments contact the Jason Shankey Salon House of Fraser on: 028 9027 8272

That Belfast Girl

*Disclaimer- I was gifted the treatment to review but this in no way influenced my thoughts or feelings on the product*