It comes down to reality and it's fine with me

Exhibit Denim Jacket, H&M Trousers, H&M Top, Primark sandals, necklace as a gift from Avril

Okay, it's official. I fell deeply in love with New York on my third visit. I thought I would share a few snaps that I usually would keep private but I just love looking at them. It's amazing that in such a big city that the serenity of Central Park can take you to another world. Singing aside, I got to see parts of New York I never imagined I would. I walked five miles around Central Park and honestly, never felt as at home anywhere in my life. I don't often get "personal" on my blog but I was having some issues with big things in my life that I knew I needed to come to terms with. From the minute we got on the plane I was able to talk and cry.... to the point where I think I probably did cry everyday on our 6 day trip. I feel like I sorted out a lot of stuff that had been bothering me for sometime while I was away and finding out that people in your life have gone through the same experiences is you is absolutely eye-opening. I left a lot of my feelings in New York, allowed myself to grieve and came home refreshed, contented and ready for the next chapter in my life.

That Belfast Girl is going to keep evolving with me as I grow as a person. The next year is about to get VERY interesting!

That Belfast Girl