The eye brightening trick

I've had one to many late nights this year. I could blame it on my post-grad course but mostly, it's because I am 22! Time flies when you are having fun. A friend recently sent me a picture which said "No one remembers the nights you went to bed early" which is incredibly true. However, my late nights have been catching up with me. I've never been one for huge dark circles (unless I don't drink enough water!) but I am prone to very dry, tired eyes. I don't have the biggest of eyes (cue laughing from my friends who know I blink in every picture they take of me) so I have dabbled in white eye-liner in my teen years. However, my recent discovery of Rimmel's Scandaleyes in Nude has made my morning face look somewhat more pleasant. Before I rush out the door, I have been putting this in my inner third of my eyes with lashings of mascara. It has left me looking more alive and alert..... well, you have to fake it 'til you make it!

That Belfast Girl