My summer scent: Guess Girl Summer

The weather is really starting to pick up. For me, this means a few things. Number one: my eyes have been absolutely streaming from hay-fever which means for the first couple of hours each morning I sound like I've smoked 20 cigarettes and had a mad night out (I wish...). Number two: I've been getting the legs out at work... dresses and sandals, hooray. Number three: My perfume has changed. Oh yes. I'm a fragrance addict and when the weather changes I want nothing more than a fresh and summery scent to reflect this. I've blogged about how lovely Guess Girl is and I recently received the stunning Guess Girl Summer. If you didn't want to go on holiday before smelling this, boy will you want to go after! Guess Girl Summer takes all the beautiful musk notes of the original Guess Girl but tops this with citrus smells and top notes of bergamot, mandarin and neroli. As you can see I've been using this perfume a lot recently and I've received numerous compliments on how lovely it is.

A must try for the summer months!

That Belfast Girl