A drugstore dupe of By Terry's Ombre Blackstar

One of my favourite luxury brand offerings comes in the form of By Terry. Sold at Space NK, the brand uses high quality products in a hue of flattering colours for all ages. However, as it is a luxury brand, it comes with a luxury price-tag. My beloved By Terry Ombre Blackstar, which is essentially an eye-liner/eye-shadow stick combo, retails for a hefty £28. A huge beauty treat and a stunning product but a huge amount of guilt is usually attached if I use it too much! I've been on the lookout for a high-street alternative and I think I've come across a great dupe in the form of Gosh's Forever Eye-shadow sticks. The colour range of the Gosh sticks come are shockingly similar to the Ombre Blackstar shades. I picked up the Light Copper shade which comes off a nice wearable gold tone. This would be akin to a combination of number 4 (Bronze Moon) and number 11 (Beyond Gold) of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar. I have been wearing this on a daily basis as an all over eye colour and it has really made my eyes look more awake, alive and weirdly, much more green than usual! The draw of the Ombre Blackstar is the huge amount of longevity it gives. It literally will not budge! However, the Gosh dupe comes up fine in comparison. It still manages to stay put but wouldn't last from office to party in the way the expensive original would. 

All in all, a £5.99 well spent for eye-shadow lazy dolls like myself. I'm going to invest in more colours- less guilt and more money in my pocket!

That Belfast Girl