The Skin Miracle

Yesterday I shared an Instagram picture of my skin looking all glowy and lovely. Over the past week I have ditched my foundation and I've well and truly fallen head over heads for a new product. I read a few reviews of Garnier's new Miracle Skin Cream. Yes the bottle says it's "Anti-Ageing" but obviously that was not the selling point for me (being 22 and all that... just like to rub that in for my over 40 readers!). This is essentially a light moisturiser which leaves the tube white and rubs into a skin colour on application. I'm quite medium skin toned and it is the perfect shade for me but I can imagine if you are pale, it wouldn't be the right thing for you. I started wearing it last weekend. Weekend's for me usually equate to very minimal make-up during the day. I LOVE foundation but I know that my skin needs a break every now and then. I thought this product would be the perfect "no make-up" make-up solution but it has not left my face since I bought it! The product blurs any imperfections and adds a little colour and glow to the skin. I apply this as the last step in my skin routine (serum then this) and cover up any blemishes with my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and under my eyes I use the Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer. I think this would look equally as good under a foundation to enhance the coverage of a foundation or to fake the "flawless" appearance of skin. Garnier's Miracle Skin Cream retails for £12.99 in Boots for 50ml which I think is good value. A pea sized amount does the whole face so I can see this tube lasting me about 6 weeks of daily use. 

I've really noticed that my skin appears to be much more radiant, even without this product. I don't know what magical ingredients they have in it, but they are working wonders. A must try for the summer months.

That Belfast Girl