The lazy girl's dream: Vaseline Spray & Go

I am still on a moisturiser mission. I feel like a let down in many ways as I am the ultimate lazy beauty blogger. I'm so funny about what I put on my face and taking my make-up off but I would much rather have an extra 10 minutes in the shower or bed than moisturise. A male friend of mine recently told me about Vaseline Spray & Go... I think he may have described it as a "revelation". For a man to take any note of a beauty product is a huge thumbs up in my books. I would get very dry legs (TMI I know...) and I really should moisturise everyday but I hate that sticky feeling before you get dressed or into bed. I picked up Vaseline Spray & Go in Pure Oat. This seemed like it would be a really inoffensive smell (another one of my moisturiser pet peeves!). I sprayed this after my shower to see how it would fare. I will be honest that I didn't have high hopes but I was proved very wrong. The moisturiser disperses perfectly with the spray nozzle and all you have to do in a quick rub with your hand to cover your limbs in the product. I was able to get dressed instantly.... definitely a first! Truly a hero product in this lazy girl's eyes!

That Belfast Girl