The tan that broke my tan ban: Vita Liberata's Rich Lotion

You may have read in my December post about my Tan Ban. Well I think it's been about 6 months since I even looked a bottle of tan. This is the time of year where I am very pale and lately my make-up hasn't been looking as nice on me. I looked in my beauty stash and found a sample bottle of Vita Liberate Rich Lotion in Medium. I think I received this as a gift from an event and I had forgotten about it. I decided to tan my whole body (face included) out of intrigue. I have quite dry skin on my legs so I moose tans NEVER work for me. The following day I looked bronzed and more than that, my skin felt moisturised. Vita Liberata tan does not smell of that typical biscuit smell and left me with a nice tan which looked even. The sample bottle was done after 1 full body but I instantly went and ordered a full size! The tan applies as a rich chocolatey lotion which blends into the skin beautifully and dries quickly without feeling sticky. I also have been very happy with how it has worn off. After about 4 days I did have a little bit of "gather" around my ankles which is very normal for me, but a scrub in the shower sorted it.  I love Vita Liberata as it is a Northern Irish brand. And another plus is that it didn't stain my bed-sheets. Hooray!

I feel like I am back on the tanning wagon. A lot of people mentioned to me that I looked really healthy this week or that I had really white teeth- the benefits of tan!

That Belfast Girl