My HD Brows journey with Studio D

Top: left- before my first HD treatment/ right- after my first HD brows treatment
Bottom: left- before my second HD treatment and 6 weeks of Grow, Baby, Grow
right-after my second HD Brows treatment
If there is one thing that is commented on most frequently on my Instagram selfies, it's my brows. I'm obsessed with brows- mine and those of other people too! My dream brows are a mix of Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Taylor and Nigella Lawson. I am very dark haired so I can get away with a really strong, dark brow. My brow waxing started at 10 years old and I've seen my brows be every imaginable shape. However, after a particularly traumatic threading experience where they took the arch up too high (leaving my beautifully thick brows look sparse), I decided to grow them in and go to see Belfast's very own Brow Queen, Studio D

Dee uses the HD Brow method, which I was so sceptical of until I met her. I was very keen to achieve a natural, full look. Dee has helped me to transform my brows in two sessions. The HD Brows method is a multi-step process which involves waxing, tinting and threading. Dee told me that I had very good brows but that I needed to grow out the top of my brows which had been over-threaded. You can see that after 1 treatment I had a good shape but Dee was kind enough to gift me with a bottle of HD Brows amazing "Grow, Baby, Grow". This growth serum formula contains vitamins and antioxidants to help the hair follicle to grow. I used this every night for 6 weeks until my next appointment. I can honestly say that it is the best thing I have ever used to encourage hair growth. You can see from the pictures that my brows grew at the top and the front following 6 weeks of use. I had my 2nd treatment this week and Dee was able to make my arch a little higher as I had now grown more hair. I have another appointment booked for May when my brows should be fully grown in. Dee is the loveliest girl and I really enjoy having my brows done by her- even though I torture her to give me Nigella brows! She is so knowledgeable but more than that, she is passionate about brows. I feel like this is only the start of my brow journey and that hopefully by the end of 2014, I'll be able to go product free with them! At the minute I just use a tiny bit of brow pencil in the morning to make them a little darker at the front. I also love my HD Brows Palette in Vamp when I want to have super strong brows for a night out.

I can't wait to show you my brows after my next appointment- I think I'm addicted to Studio D! If you want to transform your brows, make sure you "like" the Studio D Facebook page here

That Belfast Girl