My hair growing mission is going swimmingly. And by swimmingly I mean I look at it everyday, brush it for 100 strokes a la Jack in Will & Grace and lust over pictures of other people's long locks. This week I've had a bit of a panic over my hair. It's at that funny length and growing through a period of 'shedding' which my hair tends to do when I am stressed. As you can imagine, this makes cleaning the shower highly glamorous...

As for looking after my locks, I've been constantly using the Dove Hair Therapy Leave in Conditioner & Care Spray (Long name, I know!). Basically, this spray has all the good nourishing stuff in it to help your hair feel salon fresh. I use it on towel-dried hair before I blow-dry my hair and it leaves me with silky smooth locks. I also use it on days when I have left my hair to air dry or in between washes... a small spray can just perk  my hair up! It's probably one of the one leave in sprays which hasn't left my hair feel like a greasy mess. If you are someone like me and have pretty unruly curls, this is definitely a hero product! 

That Belfast Girl