The Game Changing Skin Duo

I've been going through a pretty stressful time lately. My post-graduate course has involved a lot of work which means my stress levels have often sky-rocketed. The first thing to go when I'm stressed is my skin. This is for a combination of reasons; when I'm busy I don't drink enough water, I eat too many sweeties, I don't get enough sleep, I have that extra glass of wine... the list could go on for a page! I think this is typical for so many people who are at university or trying to forge their way into a career. In order to try and fix my mini-breakout which has focussed itself to around my chin and nose, I've stripped my skin routine back and I've seen a huge improvement. I think we are a society that loads far too many products on to our skin and often, this is in no way helpful! I invested in the Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser after hearing many of my blogging friends rave about it. It contains Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera and Chamomile which helps to target the spots while still being soothing. Anything with salicylic acid helps to target breakouts. I have been using this morning and night and using my Clarisonic on alternate days. I feel it works very well with the Clarisonic as it is a gel formula. It hasn't left my skin dry as many acne targeted products do. Mario Badescu products are available in Paddy McGurgan's Make Up Pro Store in Belfast. The products are very affordable so you can try them out without feeling like you have wasted a lot of money. 

Following this, I have been using the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer mosituriser. This is really light but still does the job. It helps to calm any redness in my skin which has been great during my break out. I have real problems with mositurisers as many break me out due to my skin being so sensitive but Skin Rescuer is aimed at people with sensitive skin.

My skin is looking much better- a couple of spots are still knocking about so I hope another few weeks of this routine will help clear them up.

That Belfast Girl