obsessed with viridian coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be an "in" product at the moment. Everyone is obsessed with it as part if a clean eating diet but also as a wonder beauty product. I was recently set the Viridian coconut oil. Thy are a fantastic company and I was so impressed with delivery and packaging. The huge half a litre jar contains something which is somewhere between the texture of Vaseline and ice shavings. I simply scoop a little out with a spoon for whatever I want to use it for.  The Viridian coconut oil is great because it's organic, raw and vegan meaning it will suit everyone and has no nasties in it. I put to the test to see how many different ways it could work.

If you are trying to stay healthy, loose some weight or just want to try something different, using a bit of coconut oil in to cook with is a great alternative. It has a really high smoking point meaning food seems to cook much quicker. I have used this for stir-frys and cooking chicken. It made the chicken stay very moist and kept the veg in the stir-fry nice and crunchy! Some people like a half and half approach so use a little coconut oil and a little olive oil in their cooking. I recommend you try it out and see what way you like the best! There are so many options to infuse other oils with the goodness from this coconut oil. 

On the body
Coconut oil is an amazing natural moisturiser. I will admit to being a HUGE Eight Hour Cream addict but this is much more natural. Using it before bed on dry patches, on hands and feet, as a cuticle oil or as an all over face mask. It also works as a great cleanser if your skin is particularly dry (but I wouldn't recommend this for any of my gals with very oily skin!). Scoop a bit out of the tub, warm it up in between your hands and smooth into the required area. 

As a hair treatment
My hair was the biggest reason I decided I needed coconut oil. I have curly hair that I'm trying to grow. Using a large piece melted between my hands, I like to put this in my hair as an overnight treat once a week. I then wash and blow-dry my hair the next day. It seems to be working as a great split end healer! It also leaves my hair looking super shiny and healthy. If you are like me and growing your hair, you NEED to invest in this! 

Viridian coconut oil retails for £15 and this tub seems like it will last me and entire year. Multi-use and affordable- just what I needed during #frugalfebruary!

That Belfast Girl x