I Broke

I broke Frugal Febuary. What started an endeavour to go to get a clay mask to deal with to pesky spots on my cheeks ended multiple bags of stuff. Once ya pop, ya just can't stop! In my defence, 19 days was quite a good amount of time for a self proclaimed shopping addict. The joy I have felt today is unbelievable. I have discovered I have no self-restraint, nor would I actually want to. Life is too short! I picked up 2 bargain pairs of white jeans- one pair were £5 in Topshop sale and one pair were £9.99 in Gap sale. I've been looking for white jeans for ages and to get two pairs to half the price of 1 pair was fantastic. I also picked up another pair of shoes from Topshop (pictured above). I have these in orange and they are really comfy for work. They were also in the sale and set me back and grand total of £8. I also did manage to get my clay face mask. I hopefully will blog about it soon (I just tried it and so far, so good!)

During the evening I nipped to Tesco Glengormley to get some milk (Lactofree if you are being nosey, I've lactose problems!) and discovered that the Medicare inside Tesco sells Wet n Wild makeup. This was a joyous discovery and obviously I went a little bit nuts. My advice is to stock up on their eye-shadows. Such good quality and highly pigmented! 

I lasted 19 days- how have you all done with Frugal February? 

That Belfast Girl