If there is one polish I'm bound to wear on a weekly basis, it's Jerymn Street by Nails Inc. It's the perfect nude-brown colour with enough warmth in it to not make your hands look deathly. I have purchased many bottles of it (the bottle above was actually headed for the bin!) but I think I've found a new alternative. Nails Inc polishes are beautiful quality but they are also quite pricey. The £11 polish has met its match in the form of Wet n Wild Megalast in Wet Cement. Maybe not the most glamorous of names but in all fairness, a fairly accurate description. Both polishes are exactly the same shade. However, the Wet n Wild polish comes with a flat brush which means 2 strokes and the nail is done! I also went 5 days with this polish (no base coat but with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry on top) without chipping. And the best bit? The Wet n Wild polish cost me £2.49! I honestly love this polish and I'll be stocking up on it and other colours from the range. Wet n Wild is available in some Medicare Pharmacies across Northern Ireland and in Dunnes Stores in the South. 

That Belfast Girl 


In running with the theme of my post where I talked about dealing with my breakout, today focuses on how to cover the breakout. Most days I like wearing CC cream as it is light and I like to cover up the spots with Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I have veered from this lately but ended up coming back- nothing (even the super expensive stuff) even comes close to how good this is!

In a bid to cover up my sad skin, I went back to my teenage roots. I had bad skin for a period of time in my teen years that involved being on the pill, antibiotics and all of those horrible creams that bleach your good bed-sheets. My skin eventually sorted itself out but I covered it up for school with the good old Estee Lauder Double Wear. Say what you want about this foundation but it covers a multitude of sins. The foundation comes in the biggest colour range I think I've ever seen so make sure to have someone accurately colour matches you. I would suggest asking for a sample before you jump and buy the full size. A sample will usually cover 4-6 faces worth which is great to see if it suited to you. I have been applying this with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This sponge has revolutionised my makeup application. I have had so many compliments on my skin even while it has been broken out and I think it's largely down to the sponge! Damp it, squeeze out the excess water and apply make-up from the back of your hand. It makes the makeup sit much nicer and with a product like Double Wear, reduces how 'cakey' it can often look. Double Wear is a great product for any of my oily girls out there but I wouldn't recommend it if you have quite dry skin as it could "stick" and become a bit unflattering. Once this foundation is on, it really does not move. I cover up any further blemishes with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and follow with powder/blusher/bronzer or whatever I am feeling that day.

One thing to note is, as great as Double Wear is at covering up, ensure you are removing it correctly. It definitely needs more elbow grease than some other foundations. 

Covering up with Double Wear
That Belfast Girl

I Broke

I broke Frugal Febuary. What started an endeavour to go to get a clay mask to deal with to pesky spots on my cheeks ended multiple bags of stuff. Once ya pop, ya just can't stop! In my defence, 19 days was quite a good amount of time for a self proclaimed shopping addict. The joy I have felt today is unbelievable. I have discovered I have no self-restraint, nor would I actually want to. Life is too short! I picked up 2 bargain pairs of white jeans- one pair were £5 in Topshop sale and one pair were £9.99 in Gap sale. I've been looking for white jeans for ages and to get two pairs to half the price of 1 pair was fantastic. I also picked up another pair of shoes from Topshop (pictured above). I have these in orange and they are really comfy for work. They were also in the sale and set me back and grand total of £8. I also did manage to get my clay face mask. I hopefully will blog about it soon (I just tried it and so far, so good!)

During the evening I nipped to Tesco Glengormley to get some milk (Lactofree if you are being nosey, I've lactose problems!) and discovered that the Medicare inside Tesco sells Wet n Wild makeup. This was a joyous discovery and obviously I went a little bit nuts. My advice is to stock up on their eye-shadows. Such good quality and highly pigmented! 

I lasted 19 days- how have you all done with Frugal February? 

That Belfast Girl

The Game Changing Skin Duo

I've been going through a pretty stressful time lately. My post-graduate course has involved a lot of work which means my stress levels have often sky-rocketed. The first thing to go when I'm stressed is my skin. This is for a combination of reasons; when I'm busy I don't drink enough water, I eat too many sweeties, I don't get enough sleep, I have that extra glass of wine... the list could go on for a page! I think this is typical for so many people who are at university or trying to forge their way into a career. In order to try and fix my mini-breakout which has focussed itself to around my chin and nose, I've stripped my skin routine back and I've seen a huge improvement. I think we are a society that loads far too many products on to our skin and often, this is in no way helpful! I invested in the Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser after hearing many of my blogging friends rave about it. It contains Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera and Chamomile which helps to target the spots while still being soothing. Anything with salicylic acid helps to target breakouts. I have been using this morning and night and using my Clarisonic on alternate days. I feel it works very well with the Clarisonic as it is a gel formula. It hasn't left my skin dry as many acne targeted products do. Mario Badescu products are available in Paddy McGurgan's Make Up Pro Store in Belfast. The products are very affordable so you can try them out without feeling like you have wasted a lot of money. 

Following this, I have been using the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer mosituriser. This is really light but still does the job. It helps to calm any redness in my skin which has been great during my break out. I have real problems with mositurisers as many break me out due to my skin being so sensitive but Skin Rescuer is aimed at people with sensitive skin.

My skin is looking much better- a couple of spots are still knocking about so I hope another few weeks of this routine will help clear them up.

That Belfast Girl 

Bright and Breezy

There has been some crazy weather in Belfast lately. After singing with my choir BCGC in the Titanic Visitor Centre, myself and my blogging BFF School Gate Style headed out to take some pictures (Side note: it's pretty cool that Avril joined the choir too- I get to see her loads!). As you can see from the pictures, it was a very windy day hence my hair blowing all over the place! I've stuck to my Frugal February bargain although I am finding it quite hard! I have a list on my phone of the things I want to buy on the 1st March! On the plus side, I have used lots of products up and I'm really getting to grips with defining my "hero" products! I also found out in February that my choir will be going to sing in New York at the end of May/start of June so it is good motivation to save for Sephora (again, another list on the iPhone!). For my outfit this weekend I again wore my trusty H&M boots and Primark Super High Waisted black jeans. I really need a new pair of these as this pair are a bit too big. This was teamed with my H&M bag, a Primark statement jacket (that I'll admit I've only worn once before... I'm never sure about it!) and a Mary Portas top. I love this because it has the statement necklace attached but it can be removed to give you a completely plain raspberry coloured top! Very handy for work to party!

Only 12 more days of Frugal February to go. I am dreaming of white jeans and nude court shoes!

That Belfast Girl


Topshop, Aldo and Zara

I have fallen deeply in love with something that is usually not my style. Peep toe booties (I call them booties because calling them boots makes them sound like they'll be okay in the snow... these won't!) are all over the high street at the moment. They look super chic and also very comfortable. I see a pair as follows: rolled up boyfriend jeans, a baggy t-shirt and amazing statement blazer. Frugal February is passing quicker than I originally imagined so hopefully come March I can pick up a pair of these. 

What do you think of them? 

That Belfast Girl


Valentine's Day is lurking this week so I've picked my top five things that will help make you feel and look fabulous. Whether it's your first date, you are single or you've been married for 25 years, looking fabulous for your date night will make you feel amazing about yourself- never mind about the other person! 

Nothing says "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it" more than a well polished nail! Nails are something that people always pay attention to. I know that I always talk with my hands so if I don't have my nails done, I feel naked! I love this gorgeously girly shade from NYC* called Long Time Lavender. The pink/lilac shade goes on beautifully in 2 coats and has a metallic sheen to it. I often champion NYC polishes because they are really opaque and are a bargain £2.49!

I think so many people are scared by the idea of a really bright lip so I have opted for a super tasty clear gloss which can be worn alone or on top of your favourite lippy. The Vanilla Birthday Cake gloss* from Philosophy is as tasty as it sounds without being too sickly sweet. It's also a great size to throw into a clutch bag for a night out. It is available here from Debenhams, priced at £10. 

I'm lazy at moisturising but Soap and Glory body butters always encourages me to post-shower. They sink in really quickly and smell divine. Sugar Crush smells just like your holiday in a jar- it is a freshly cut lime smell which leaves your skin smelling and looking great. This huge tub also lasts for ages meaning good value for money. 

I think nothing looks sexier than a flawless face and super dewy skin will never fail to impress on a date night. The classic Girl Meets Pearl from Benefit can be patted on the cheek bones and cupids bow to highlight or use it as I like to, mixed in with your usual foundation for a dewy look. It makes your skin look fresh and awake. Be sure only to mix a little bit in- you don't want to look like a disco ball! 

I love a sweet scent and recently I've been really taken by Guess Girl*. It really reminds me of Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb which is notoriously lovely but pricey! A floral scent with hints of vanilla, it's not over-powering and reveals just the right amount of sensuous notes. 

I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day and you feel fabulous!

That Belfast Girl 

*PR sample

obsessed with viridian coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be an "in" product at the moment. Everyone is obsessed with it as part if a clean eating diet but also as a wonder beauty product. I was recently set the Viridian coconut oil. Thy are a fantastic company and I was so impressed with delivery and packaging. The huge half a litre jar contains something which is somewhere between the texture of Vaseline and ice shavings. I simply scoop a little out with a spoon for whatever I want to use it for.  The Viridian coconut oil is great because it's organic, raw and vegan meaning it will suit everyone and has no nasties in it. I put to the test to see how many different ways it could work.

If you are trying to stay healthy, loose some weight or just want to try something different, using a bit of coconut oil in to cook with is a great alternative. It has a really high smoking point meaning food seems to cook much quicker. I have used this for stir-frys and cooking chicken. It made the chicken stay very moist and kept the veg in the stir-fry nice and crunchy! Some people like a half and half approach so use a little coconut oil and a little olive oil in their cooking. I recommend you try it out and see what way you like the best! There are so many options to infuse other oils with the goodness from this coconut oil. 

On the body
Coconut oil is an amazing natural moisturiser. I will admit to being a HUGE Eight Hour Cream addict but this is much more natural. Using it before bed on dry patches, on hands and feet, as a cuticle oil or as an all over face mask. It also works as a great cleanser if your skin is particularly dry (but I wouldn't recommend this for any of my gals with very oily skin!). Scoop a bit out of the tub, warm it up in between your hands and smooth into the required area. 

As a hair treatment
My hair was the biggest reason I decided I needed coconut oil. I have curly hair that I'm trying to grow. Using a large piece melted between my hands, I like to put this in my hair as an overnight treat once a week. I then wash and blow-dry my hair the next day. It seems to be working as a great split end healer! It also leaves my hair looking super shiny and healthy. If you are like me and growing your hair, you NEED to invest in this! 

Viridian coconut oil retails for £15 and this tub seems like it will last me and entire year. Multi-use and affordable- just what I needed during #frugalfebruary!

That Belfast Girl x

Emotional baggage: Mary buys me Mary

I signed off yesterday's post with "I'm off to clean out my wardrobe" and I did exactly that. However, it was not the pleasant and cleansing experience I had hoped for. I regularly clear out, at least once a season so I'm very familiar with things getting too big or small and having to get rid of them. I've come to terms with the fact that my weight has gone up and down a lot over the past couple of years but over the past few months I have lost a good bit of weight. More than this, my body shape has changed, or maybe rather I've actually got a shape now! I am bustier that I've ever been and my big bum and hips seem destined to stay but my waist and stomach area have become much smaller. Baring this in mind, I was well aware that I was about to lose some stuff from my wardrobe. I however, was not prepared for what happened. I tried on every item I own and decided if it was too big, it was time to go. I have a huge emotional attachment to clothes and I look at stuff that I wore to a certain party or when I was with a certain person and it makes me sad to let things go. My clean out was complete after about 2 hours and I realised I'd lost about a third of my wardrobe. A third of me, my memories and the past 18 months of being heavier than I'd ever been, was gone. I cried for a couple of hours. Everyone told me I should be happy to lose weight but to me, size has nothing to do with happiness. When I was in my final year at school I was very stressed and heavy but when I look back, I have amazing memories of some of the funniest times in my life. The clothes I have rid myself of this time around don't all entirely have good memories. The past 2 years of my life have been very hard. I've talked openly about my struggle with depression, and in hindsight during that time, I seemed to constantly buy clothes that were really baggy to hide behind. 

I'm glad that period in my life is gone and I suppose yesterday I cried that it's all over. It was a physical validation at the end of something that is so invisible to other people. 

Mid-crying, my poor Grandmother, called Mary (aged 75) took huge pity on me. We are a family with weight struggles so she understands how I feel. So she took it upon herself to buy me some new clothes as a gift. I discussed Frugal February with her and she understood but she also understood how miserable I felt. I now have a "no more cheap clothes" pact. I love Primark but being 5ft10, I was often buying things in a 16 or 18 so they would fit my leg or arm length but then be baggy in other places. My granny bought me 4 beautiful pieces from Mary Portas at House of Fraser. I've always loved her clothes which are aimed at the tall curvy girl- I'm clearly her prime customer! I can honestly say that every piece makes me feel lovely and I hope that once Frugal February is over, I can treat myself to some more pieces.

I hope you all don't feel cheated in this Frugal February month- but they were honestly a gift. I'm proud of the weight loss and hope any of you on a journey to lose, put on or maintain a certain weight empathise with the emotional baggage that comes with it. I will continue not to buy anything for myself for the rest of the month and as I dropped and smashed my iPhone tonight, it seems like it will be an easier task than originally imagined! 

That Belfast Girl