The battle of the hairsprays

I am a hairspray fiend. I am the lover of the hair donut (mostly because I am lazy/have too much hair to blow-dry) and I use hairspray to tame down the wispy bits that always want to escape from kirby grips. Hairspray is also an essential if like me, you love big hair. Here I give you the low-down on my top 3 hairsprays and what they are best for.

Elnett Satin Supreme Hold
Elnett is a classic. From the smell to the bottle, I don't think that there's a variation I don't like! I think Elnett is perfect to hold in back-combing, curls and up-dos as it holds without feeling sticky. It also brushes out easily which is great if you are re-styling your hair more than once in a day (i.e. office to night out and zero time to jump in the shower!). Elnett really is for everyone. In my 22 years, it's yet to fail me!

Boots Exquisite Hairspray
I picked up this one day in Boots as it was weirdly similar in style to an Elnett bottle. At half the price, Exquiste hair spray is great value for money and would be great for anyone who uses hair spray on a daily basis. It gives great hold but unlike Elnett, it's a bit more soild and doesn't brush out. 

Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray
If you have short hair or like a very texturised look, this sweet smelling Fudge hairspray is for you. I find that I graviate to this more when I am wearing my hair up and the aforementioned wispy bits will not play along. A even have a male friend who really loves this hairspray (though he tells me it is the smell of it he likes the most!)

Let me know your favourite hairsprays!

That Belfast Girl