#TRENDALERT: Michael Kors Selma Inspired Bags

Michael Kors Selma in the middle surrounded by the Plated Holdall Bag from Topshop

I know so many people who received Michael Kors bags and watches for Christmas, and no wonder! They are gorgeous. I do fancy myself a Michael Kors Selma bag but I trying to save for a possible trip to America later this year. However, I spotted these gorgeous Selma inspired bags on Topshop's website for £40. A great alternative as the Selma retails for over £300. I think the baby blue is particularly gorgeous. Baby blue is set to the the "in" colour this season! These are a great bag for work or shopping- big enough to store the odd purchase in (Bag tax here in Northern Ireland) and house all the usual junk women carry in their bags. 

I'm trying really hard not to click "purchase" in my basket! 

That Belfast Girl