Honest Face

Sometimes I wish I could live life with no makeup on. There is something amazing and freeing about freshly cleansed skin. 

This post was spurred on by a few things:

a) my friend recently said "don't believe everything you see on the internet". True, and even truer in the beauty blogger world.
b) I have major Insta-envy. I check Instagram every morning when I wake up and before I go to bed. It's filled with beautiful people who all seem like they have perfect skin 
c) I try to be the most honest blogger I can be!

I don't like lying about beauty blogging and pretend that it isn't pressuring. When  I get invited to an event I instantly go into a cold sweat and wonder if cameras will be there. There is such pressure to feel perfect all the time in society so imagine what it is like when you post your makeup musings online! There are so many big time bloggers who spend hours editing and lighting photos but I could never be like that. Yes, sometimes I have to fix the light or a piece of hair but I have no time for over-edited pictures which often make a product look different than it actually is. 

As seen above on the left, I've a full face on. I was going out for dinner with friends and I did a heavy contour, major concealer and lots of mascara (but yes they are my own lashes!). On the right is a selfie I took to send my friend (Ok, snapchat is my new obsession!) of my hair freshly blowdried. And I actually don't hate it! I don't have perfect skin at all. Confidence comes in a foundation bottle for me and I see nothing wrong with it but at the same time, I hope I'll try to embrace my natural skin more this year (just not when we are at an event and the man from the Ulster Tatler starts walking towards me!). 

That Belfast Girl