Hair Mission 2014

Serious hair growth inspiration. Helena Bonham Carter's hair is amazing! 
2013 was a year that I worked really hard to keep my New Year's Resolution. I have had a life long fear of dogs. And when I say fear I mean cold sweats, panic attack, avoidance... the lot! I am so proud to say that I stuck to my resolution in 2013. It wasn't easy and required an awful lot of Rescue Remedy but I did it! I wouldn't say I'd be happy to encounter an Alsatian on a dark night but I can finally go to my friend's homes if they have dog. 

As for 2014, I am committed to fulfilling another life long unfilled wish. I want to have long hair. I've had bob to medium length hair for most of my length. The longest it has ever been was when my cousin was born almost 10 years ago. It was about bust length and it was beautiful. I want my hair back to that length. I have very curly hair which also has to be coloured every 6 weeks as I am very grey. I am working on trying to let it dry naturally and using products catered to my hair type. I have lots of hair but the hair I have would be medium in texture. It gets damaged really easily hence the amount of times it has ended up in a bob! By the end of 2014 I want my hair back down to my bust. I'm determined. I know that if my hair was longer I could leave it naturally and it would be lovely. My hair is currently to my shoulders so I have a long way to go. For now, I am using lots of hair oils and looking longingly at pictures of Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Bush, Nigella Lawson and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

So I am on a  mission! Follow me on Twitter @gemmalebond and encourage me!

I will do monthly updates on my progress- keep tuned in. 

That Belfast Girl