Growing into style

I'm a great believer in investment pieces. I think if you really fall in love with something that will last a long time, go ahead and buy it! I recently realised how long I had this Zara coat for. I got it in the autumn of 2008 to go on a school trip to New York at Halloween. So there I am on the left, aged 16, all sweet and innocent on the steps in Times Square. I remember there being somewhat of a mixed reaction to my coat but then a character on Hollyoaks had it and suddenly I was very en vogue. I love this coat because it's essentially a giant cardigan made from coat fabric. It always seems to get a trick during the festive season! So here I am on the right wearing it recently. It fits completely differently on me now. In 2008, I was about 5ft7, flat chested and a size 12. Now I'm 5ft10, a size 14 and cry when I have to pay ridiculous money for a bra.

But my point is this; sometimes you have to grow into your style. This piece is 6 years old and feels more "me" now than it did then. I think I've always been a pretty cool dresser but it's taken a good few years to fine tune it! I think this may be the last year of this coat. I think it cost about £150 at the time but I clearly have got my money out of it! 

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That Belfast Girl