Why I've Ditched Fake Tan

More olive toned as a child, now my natural skin tone without tan 
It has easily been three months since I whipped out the fake tan in order for me to look brown (and smell like a giant digestive biscuit). I've been fake tanning for a long time. I remember going to my best friend's house after PE in my final year of primary school. My BFF's grandma noted how tan my legs were and I said "It's fake tan!". I can still recall the horror on her face!

The past year has seen me become so discontent with tans. I was sick of the smell of them. No matter what tan you buy or the promises it makes, it will smell dodgy at some point. I was sick of ruining bed clothes with tan. I was sick of the patches that gather around your hands, knees and elbows. But most of all, I was sick of the hassle of it! In the winter months, standing in your knickers doing your tan is not fun nor is it appealing. I've been fake tanning for 10 years and rarely did it come out evenly. For a while I was subject to almost weekly spray tans but they became a fortune, time consuming and my skin seemed like it never had a break!

I've never been the palest of girls. I would always describe myself as a "medium" skin tone and I have very dark hair and eyes. I realised the obsession was not with being tan but with seemingly covering up things. Tan is a wonder for covering up things like scars and stretch marks. However, fake tan wasn't doing anything to combat these problems. So I've ditched the tan and started moisturising more. This is not saying I'll NEVER wear fake tan again but I will reserve my tanning to a) spray tans for special occasions and b) using Clairns tan (which is the best in the entire world) on my legs if I'm wearing a particularly short dress.

The biggest testament to my lack of fake tan is that no-one even seems to have noticed that I've stopped wearing it! So for now, pale and interesting it is!

That Belfast Girl