Falling back in love with eyeliner

In my teen years, I was obsessed with eyeliner. I have quite big eyes and I always loved how it looked on me. I was also a big Amy Winehouse fan and I wanted to have massive, over the top eyeliner like her. Since my Elizabeth Taylor tutorial a few months ago, I've been back to eyeliner with a bang. I thought I would share my three favourite eyeliners at the minute. I will admit that I am not the the most skilled at putting on eyeliner so my current favourites are fairly fool proof!

Gel eyeliner is the ultimate tool for any girl dreaming about an Alexa Chung eye. I've tried out many different gel eyeliners and I must say that I genuinely like this the best. Using an angled brush, I dip the brush into the little pot and apply. Gel liner is ideally the best option for anyone looking for a cat eye flick. If you love the look of gel but find it messy to apply, keep a cotton bud and some makeup remover on hand to correct any mistakes. 

I picked this up on a whim as Superdrug were doing a 3 for 2 offer. I liked the idea of the Kajal which is essentially a black waxy pointy lipstick! It is a merge between a gel eyeliner and a pencil. I have loved using it as it is very easy to apply. It's also the size of a lipstick so I can throw it into my bag. I would recommend this for anyone who finds eyeliner a bit of a struggle. It is great for tight-lining as the shape of the product really lends itself to this. Make sure to keep your eyes shut for a minute to make sure it sets! 

This has been the liner I have been using the most. A pencil is the easiest way to line the eyes as it is quick and it is harder to smudge. The Body Shop formula is soft and easy to blend, making it perfect for a quick run along the outer corners or as part of a full smoky eye. I just noticed on the website that this also comes in a lovely navy shade which I must remember to try out. 

Let me know what your favourite eyeliner is so I can give it a whirl!